125 Malicious Grins Of Pharaoh

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does a person feel the blows of Pharaoh?

Answer: Pharaoh has all possible means to beat us. The whole evil inclination that was revealed at the time of the sin of the tree of knowledge is Pharaoh.

If the Light hadn’t entered the desire to receive during the shattering, there wouldn’t have been an evil inclination but simply a desire just like that of all of the still, vegetative, and animate nature. The evil inclination revealed after the shattering when the Light touched the desire and as a result all the spiritual force entered the desire to receive.

Before the desire was simply on the level of the animate and now it suddenly jumps to the human level, which is similar to the Light. Pharaoh is opposite the Creator in the desire to receive in order to receive. Pharaoh is built by the Light that entered the desire during the shattering.

Now, so we will awaken, Pharaoh cuts layer by layer from the 125 levels and each time shows us forms that are opposite from the Creator. Then we need the Creator, the Light that Reforms.

Pharaoh presents a form that is opposite of the Creator. In order to turn it from anti-Creator to the Creator we have to ask for help, and this is our work. This is why the experience of the exile and the work for Pharaoh is so important for us.

The first thing that Jacob does when he goes down to Egypt is to bless Pharaoh. We need Pharaoh because without him we will not be able to discover our shattered forms.

Question: So why do we need to yearn for the Creator and not for Pharaoh?

Answer: To the extent that we yearn for the Creator, which means through the group, through mutual support and mutual guarantee, we prepare the ground for our correction and to that extent Pharaoh presents an uncorrected part to us each time so that we can correct it. We don’t need to yearn for Pharaoh. The moment we organize all the support: the group, the guide, and the Creator, the corrupt form of Pharaoh is immediately revealed.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/16/14, Writings of Rabash

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