When The Sources Extend Outward

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must constantly be concerned with the unity that is attained, the “raspberry ball.” For a moment, we are able to hold our own, looking for ways to change, to renew our unity. But this is possible only for a brief moment that is enough in order to understand that we must have an external factor here. This external factor is the entirety of humanity. If we want to keep the raspberry ball, our connection with the Creator, we must extend outside to the external world.

There is a story that the Baal Shem Tov got this answer from Above to the question, “When will the Messiah come?”: “When your teaching spreads outward.” In other words, our entire mission is to hold our connection with the Creator and we require outsiders, not in order to hold and keep the raspberry ball, our unity, but we need this raspberry ball and ourselves in order to serve all people. That is, we don’t use the outer community in order to hold onto the raspberry ball; rather, we hold onto the raspberry ball and ourselves in order to serve the people.

These are very important observations. The words seem simple, understandable, and quite close, yet in fact, this is not so simple. That is how we gradually begin to see the integrality, the global interface, the connections, the unity, the Arvut (mutual guarantee) that dwells in all of nature.

We discover that all of the levels of the physical world: the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate, which we didn’t take into account before, are in fact included in one indivisible whole. The entire universe, the entire perceived reality, our entire inner world, and our contact with the Creator are connected in one system. That is how we reach an understanding of the integral world.

In this fourth stage of the path, we are beginning to clarify and determine how much we need the general public, that without it we cannot satisfy the Creator, and how much the Creator doesn’t want us but specifically that outer circle of the general public, all of humanity. That is how we attain our function and our mission. We must disappear; this is the role of the “kingdom of priests”; we don’t exist on our own; rather, we serve the general public, all of humanity, and the Creator. And in this we see our exalted role. We have no part in this or in that; rather, we only connect between them like a conduit. And this is good, for with this we truly can be closest to the nature of the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/7/14, Lesson on the Topic: “Preparation for the Convention”

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