Not A Magic Wand, But A Logical Method

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The integral method apparently claims that it covers all the material issues. A regular person doesn’t know anything about the Light of the Creator. He knows that he lacks money, health, and so forth, and suddenly he hears, “Come to us and you will get all of this.”

Answer: No, we don’t entice a person through these things and don’t guarantee him anything other than receiving the method. We only hand him an instrument, but he solves the problems on his own.

Question: Does it follow that people who disseminate the integral method don’t solve problems of health, employment, and money for themselves?

Answer: They don’t solve them. Well, so what? Suppose that I am a bank manager. Do I want to make a profit? Have I attained all the wealth in the world? So, we don’t need to be absolute; we just offer a logical method. Do you want it? Take it.

We don’t give a magic wand to a person; we only show him what he can do, like a physics or chemistry teacher who teaches us science. That is how we teach him what we, ourselves, know.

Question: However, the physics teacher doesn’t say that by studying physics it is possible to solve all problems.

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah touches upon all of our problems that are connected with unfulfilled desires that must be fulfilled by one single, abstract fulfillment.

Even though you don’t have money, you no longer want it because you will begin to be fulfilled by a power that you summon onto yourself from another degree, for you will exist in a micro-society in which you will be able to attract this power onto yourself. This is the only power of nature, and, therefore, through its influence upon us, it solves all of the problems. Our role is to draw it onto ourselves.

If we work on this together, then ultimately we will make the general atmosphere healthier. It will improve and all problems will be solved.

The influence of the only power of nature calms everything. A person becomes more fulfilled and satisfied with logical needs. Money and control no longer interest him because he begins to feel that it is possible to receive fulfillment from an entirely different source. He has no need to pursue something imaginary that is not attainable in any case. He doesn’t waste his life on this.

Through using the integral method we prevent great suffering for people from incessant competition between them. In society, a special, good atmosphere spreads, and people feel this. Moreover, it is not we who do this. Rather, it is the Upper Light, the higher power, that arranges everything, for it is not in our power to do anything, except to resemble this power, when we, ourselves, create this resemblance through the relationships between us: union, mutual integration, etc. That is how we reach the implementation of the biblical commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and with this, the abundance descends upon us.
From Kab TV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 9/27/13

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