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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You have said many times that a person studies, let’s say, for ten years, but still doesn’t succeed in adhering to the group, becoming a spiritual embryo. So what happens during this time, does the ego simply grow?

Answer: When a person truly adheres to the center of the group and becomes a spiritual embryo, he begins to feel as if he exists in the spiritual world to his full capacity. Exactly as in our world, an embryo that is found in his mother’s womb attains the same thing, for everything that is happening in her body, in fact, is designed only for him.

A spiritual embryo is a state that is not simple and is a very high state from which the entire spiritual level begins.

Suppose that ten years of studying has passed for someone and he still hasn’t become a spiritual embryo; that is, he has not succeeded in nullifying himself towards the group. And no matter how much we tell him about this, no matter how much he reads in the sources himself, he cannot do anything with this because he is not participating physically in the work of the group; he is arrogant, separated from it.

We are  in a special world in which even all of our physical actions invite spiritual results; I cannot love the friends, I hate them, but in spite of it all, I still force myself to sit with them, smile at them, approach them through some kind of external action with the hope that this will change me, and this truly does change me. If a person doesn’t do this, then it is too bad, even after ten years he will remain the same.
From the Moscow Virtual Convention “Unity Without Boundaries” Day Two 12/14/13, Lesson #2

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