It Is Better To Do Something Out Of Love Than By Force

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose we have an integral education class with a group of managers who have a certain problem they want to discuss. They are not interested in the connection with each other; they are only interested in financial performance.

Answer: They will not be able to solve the problem if they are not connected because this is what ties them to nature’s general system. They will reach a dead end.

Question: Will they understand the reason and the outcome and that one depends on the other?

Answer: They will begin to feel it. I think people will soon understand what our “ace” is; our method is very simple. What cannot be solved by a frontal attack, we can solve can by embracing one another. This can be much more effective than going to court, arguing, and placing obstacles for one another as a last resort: Love is better.

There is nothing supernatural here. It is simply our trainings and the special games we play that help a person relax and bring him to a state where he is ready to be with others and feels that he cannot do anything without them because one can advise the other and they can both profit by that. They should understand this, and then adapt it to their work.

People who are blinded and trapped will see and feel that they are being offered a new way to solve problems here.

When they understand that our method comes down to reaching unity and connection and that all problems can be solved from this level, we will ask: “How do you propose to introduce our method to solve problems at work?” At the same time, we don’t care what they say about work. What we care about is their mutual incorporation in one another in the correct mutual connection.

Question: When will they be able to pass it on to their workers?

Answer: They will not be able to do that by themselves because in order to start integrally organizing their workers, they need to give up their positions as managers.

So we are the ones who have to come out to the workers and teach them. Only after we train them can there be some understanding and mutual connection between the workers and their managers. They will no longer work due to feeling pressured but to feel inspired.

After four or five sessions, they will begin to feel the connection and fulfillment. They will feel comfortable and pleasant being in this state. They will not want to remain as they were before. People on the outside will seem like strangers, but they won’t be afraid to contact them. After all, when you relate to people like to your own children, it disarms everyone.

Don’t fear that you will be taken advantage of in a state like this. On the contrary, when you relate to others this way they cannot harm you. Even when someone wishes to hit you, he will only hit a vacuum.

So, they will always be able to reach an agreement, to reach the right mutual relations from within the raspberry sphere that is created between them, and to solve problems from that point.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/23/13

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