Going To Exile Voluntarily

Dr. LaitmanI’m acutely aware of people’s attitude towards me. When I visit different cities in Europe I feel the local internal antagonistic opposition,  I try not to justify the Creator in order not to blur this feeling of exile that gives me the opportunity for spiritual work, and I  even enjoy it.

After all, I came from a country with a society that was taught to sharply feel anti-Semitism. Of course, it was all planned this way on purpose.

Interestingly, it is more evident and revealed more simply in Eastern Europe than in France, for example, where it is subtle and elegant. When negative feelings are revealed more simply, you can talk about it, discuss it, and directly object to the hatred people feel towards you, and can analyze such states, even together with your enemies. While in Western Europe everything is veiled.

It is intriguing. I am always glad to feel this and often try to summon such crooked stares so as to feel the negative attitude towards me. It is essential.

Question: What do you get from this as a Kabbalist?

Answer: We know that Rav Zosha and other Kabbalists in Eastern Europe, in Russia, use to go out to exile on purpose. They used to leave their village behind them and go to places where only gentiles lived: Russians, Ukrainians, etc., in order to experience repulsion and hatred, the negative attitude others have towards you as a person.

The feeling of exile is essential in order to need the Creator, specifically from the oppositeness of this attribute. It isn’t an inclination for sufferings but rather the recognition of the state you are really in, but which you may be hiding from yourself.

We mustn’t blur such states. You have to live with everyone and feel them deeply; what they really are.
From Kab TV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/12/13

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