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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Would you say that the source of Anti-semitism is hatred of unity?

Answer: No, if the Jews showed and “radiated” unity, if they explained it, if they loudly talked about their mission, about what they are called to give to the world, then the attitude toward them would be completely different.

Once, during the time of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Jewish people were “good students” of spiritual advancement. However, for further steps, they had to reveal Egypt, Pharaoh, meaning the state of descent, which could be corrected later in order to rise to the degree of the First Temple.

However, they didn’t manage to preserve that level: Inner disagreements began and that led to the Babylonian exile. It was followed by a new level of unity and revelation, and the ascent to the Second Temple. Then unfounded hatred threw the people into the last exile.

All these falls on the path were necessary, and the results of the last of them merged in the “latent” period with a certain measure of suffering, which did not stop until the era of the Ari. Since that time, recovery started in the world, mainly in Europe: the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, partial emancipation, and so on.

However, all that time, the Jewish people were slow in correction. Chaim Vital, a disciple of the Ari, wrote about this. The Jews could not be awakened. They continued to be immersed in their habitual existence.

By the beginning of the 20th century, the situation became tense. Big parts of the nations of the world found themselves in a serious breaking and did not know in which way to develop further. In fact, if the Jews had revealed the method of correction practically at that time, before WWII, they would have prevented it. It was possible to come, theoretically, to the necessary recognition of evil, which is much more efficient than the death of tens of millions of people. Spiritual correction at a higher degree would have worked completely differently. There, even a small understanding is worth a huge material loss.

Then, came the 21st century. Do the Jewish people realize correction, completing the program of creation up to the necessary level? Indeed, in its inaction, it can reach a complete failure and will be forced to go into exile again. Moreover, there is a question as to who will give it refuge this time. During the Holocaust, no one was willing to accept Jewish refugees, and all this is according to the upper program from which there is no escape.

Back in the Middle Ages, the Jews were invited because they could foster development. However, since the time of the Ari, they are not wanted because the world does not need what they offer. The world needs the method of correction, instead of a banking system and industry as in the past. Are the Jewish people ready to give the nations of the world what they really need today?
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/13, “Holocaust Remembrance Day”

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