“France Is Not Kiev!”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Strategic Culture Foundation): “Social protests are on the rise in France. At the beginning of November a wave of Bonnets Rouges (red caps) meetings hit the region of Brittany in the north-western part of France. Thirty thousand people held a demonstration in Rennes, the capital of the region, to protest unemployment and ‘ecology tax.’ There were clashes with police, which used water cannons and tear gas, one of the protesters lost his hand when a gas grenade was tossed. French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said the violations of law and orders were inadmissible. It’s not Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, where everything is allowed! Some say France will have to get out of the crisis with other politicians at the helm. If it will ever get out of it…

“It’s the second economy of the European Union. Still the government fails to cope with social and economic crisis. …The growth of French economy has stopped. Unemployment was 10.9% in the third quarter of the year compared to 10.8% in the second. France has not seen such level of unemployment since 1998. It is especially severe for the young. …

Standard & Poor’s rating agency brings down the France’s rating for the second time in two years. Looks like France is to join the list of European Union members that face solvency problems like Italy or Spain. The financial situation really makes France a problematic country. …

“The lack of income was compensated by raising taxes and increasing the debt. It has limits. In 2015 the government is to start reducing state expenditure to cut the deficit to the required level of 3%. That is exactly what Standard & Poor’s has doubts about. …

“According to polls, the two French leading political parties led by Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy have actually lost popular support. Their place is being confidently taken by the National Front led by Marine le Pen. … The main political slogans of the new French leading political force include: the withdrawal from NATO and the European Union, the return to the former currency – the franc, building a continental alliance of states from the Atlantic to the Pacific along with Russia but without immigrants, going back to traditional family values (to exclude the perversions like the same sex marriages).”

My Comment: The ideas of revolution and socialism have always been close to the French. But, on the other hand, it is in France that we see indifference to the ideas of integral education and upbringing, not to mention Kabbalah. Perhaps, in contrast to the Russian people, it is inherent in the specificity of the French revolution and in general in the French character.

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