The Work In The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the method of the internal work? How can I feel thankful to the Creator and joy when serious interferences and even blows keep coming? How can I truly justify Him without deceiving myself?

Answer: If a person is by himself, there is nothing he can do. He cannot understand and clarify his state correctly and reach the right decision if he doesn’t do it through the group. He has no tools, no instrument that analyzes things by which he can do that.

The group is the only source through which he can understand correctly the problems and questions that stem from above, from below, from the outside, or from the inside, and see all these states correctly, which means that I arrive at a certain solution and then I act. I can act only through this mechanism.

I cannot think about myself. If I am alone, I always think from inside my shattered ego. So, I must convey my thoughts through this instrument, through this mass, called the group, and only then will I have a chance to hear the questions correctly and respond to everything that happens to me correctly.

Only the ego rules inside me, in my mind and heart. I never can solve anything correctly. I say this based on my personal experience. I constantly need the group, the friends, my students, who may be on a much lower level than me, but it makes no difference. After all, they are many, and only when I pass the thoughts and desires that come to me or that I want to express through them, can I be sure that I do something right. This is exactly how I work and not any other way.

When I come to the lesson, I don’t know what the subject is and I don’t care. If I don’t feel the group, incorporate in it, and pass all the questions and answers, this whole analysis, through you, I will never be able to act correctly because my ego is not completely corrected yet. New egoistic attributes that are revealed in me guide me every moment, and it will be that way until the end of correction.

So, everything must be conveyed through the group, just like the students of Rabbi Shimon who wrote The Book of Zohar conveyed all the states they had been through only through the group and on each level turned them from absolute hatred to absolute love.

There is only one answer to your many questions: Solve everything and convey everything through the group, including what you hear and what you want to say. It isn’t you that wants to say something, but us. It isn’t you that wants to hear, but us. Then, you will succeed in doing things correctly.

There is no other instrument! You have no right to listen by using your own ears and feel in your heart and see by using your eyes; this is how animals feel and see the world. You do everything together, which means that there is the inner concept of the group inside you. You discuss everything together, and also consult one another.

Every day, except for the lesson, I take part in short, five to ten minute long group meetings. However, the lesson is also a group meeting for me. I feel the people. I try to connect to them and feel them. Do you think that you are just among some audience sitting before a lecturer during the lesson? If so, why should we gather in the first place?

The subject of the lesson isn’t so important, but the fact that we gather here as one is. The students of Rabbi Shimon wrote about how difficult it was to gather during the lesson and how much they hated one another and couldn’t look at one another, and  then gradually by their work on themselves, they reached the state of love! Can you imagine from what a low level to such incredible heights!

We are still very far from the state of the real hatred that they felt and barely managed to restrain themselves from burning one another and thus managed to reach the love they write to us about in The Book of Zohar.

What is The Book of Zohar and the Torah? What do Kabbalists actually reveal? They reveal what we can reveal by connecting. What is the spiritual ladder? It is the levels of an increasingly stronger connection of the one vessel that existed before the shattering. It is the reconstruction of this vessel and putting it together back into the same form, but by its own efforts. Putting together all the desires, all the thoughts of the group, into one whole is the correction.

Gradually, in this correction, in this connection between us, at some point, the Creator will begin to be revealed. First unconsciously and through some inner urges and movements more and more clearly. The Creator has no image. He will be revealed in the connection between you as you connect.

We should constantly remember this and develop the idea, and then we will succeed. If you keep rejecting this idea, then you are wasting your time and energy.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/21/13

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