Sustainable Development Built On Partnership

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Report by Prof. Y. Yakovets, Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences at the UN General Assembly): “In the end of the 20th century, mankind entered a lasting period of unstable development and global crises (energo-ecological, demographic, technological, geopolitical, and socio-cultural). All components of the present civilization seem to require thorough innovative updating. Why? It is because the world civilization had run its historical course and needs to be replaced with a progressive society of higher consciousness-integral world civilization.

“So far, the predominant strategy is adapting the outgrown system to the new setting and prolonging its agony and intensifying global conflicts thereby. Yet, it is essential, after having defined the contours of future society, to develop and implement a strategy designated to form an integral circuit of civilization, the basis for which is emerging before our eyes—and this will relieve the travails of transitioning to a new phase in the development of our civilization.

“An international team of scientists supports the second position: they provide theoretical ground and propose practical steps toward implementation of strategic breakthrough to the new society. It derives from acknowledging the fact that civilization is undergoing a revolutionary change—a lengthy, agonizing transition from being industrial to becoming an integral and global one.

“The long-term strategic mission is to hasten and facilitate this transition, by equipping progressively thinking forces with clear understanding of where we are going and why and reliable methods for reaching the goals.

“Secondly, the strategy has to ensure indigenously developed, balanced transformation in all facets of society’s life, all six major genotype components of civilization: natural and environmental, demographic, technological, economic, geopolitical, and socio-cultural—by reaching greater sustainability and predictability in dynamic society.

“Thirdly, the primary driving role in implementing the long-term strategic transformation of human society is assigned to the partnership of 12 local civilizations of the fifth generation-the central figures on the 21st century’s geo-economic and geopolitical stage.

“Fourthly, specific institutions, mechanisms, and global civilizations partnership programs have been proposed in order to implement the strategy.”

My Comment: There is a clearly visible problem: Scientists do not care as long as those in power can ensure their safe future. Where scientists are concerned, they don’t share a single view and even less so do they understand the cause and the purpose of crisis, and therefore, they have no plan of action. They offer a lot of buzzwords, nothing more.

This will continue until the wisdom of Kabbalah receives their acknowledgement and ties them together in a unified understanding of the goal and the means. And then, possibly by cooperative effort, directly influencing authorities and the general public via the Internet, we can raise public opinion so that the “rulers” would start to seriously consider transforming society, that is, by forming media designed to nurture society toward the new integral world civilization.

Basically, this is where Kabbalists come in since it is they who must exert every effort in revealing the method of correction of man and the new integral civilization.

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