Sanctifying The Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why must we go through so many troubles if we prepare ourselves properly? After all, we want to hasten time and go through all the bad things internally.

Answer: Hearing about troubles and feeling them are two different things. We must clarify all the levels, both to their negative depth and to their positive height. It is impossible to avoid these states. The only thing we can do is to go through them at a different pace. If we hasten time, we feel them differently.

It isn’t about how quickly I perform a certain action or a movement. Hastening time means pushing myself with the help of the group faster than the inevitable force of advancement obliges me. I am like a horse that wants to precede its rider, wanting to advance toward the goal by myself.

However, the goal is Hassadim. There is the Light of Hochma. There is a vessel of the desire to receive, and what is lacking is the Light of Hassadim that prepares the vessel in order to receive the Light of Hochma.

However, where do I get the Light of Hassadim? If I really want it, the spiritual system will work and provide me with everything that I need for correction. Everything will be filled and the Creator will be revealed to me.

So, I can receive the recognition of the importance of the Light of Hassadim from the environment or in other words, the goal of creation, bestowal, and love, which are Hassadim. There is no other way. Only the right environment can influence me so that I will want it, although, naturally, I don’t want any such thing. The environment can persuade me by making me feel shame, lust, honor, envy, and so on. It is because they “take a person out of this world” into the next world.

The main thing is constantly to be in the right environment, to improve it, and to incorporate in it. There are no other means.

The environment is the teacher, the group, the books, and our activity in this framework. So let’s all incorporate in it over our heads. This is what all the Kabbalists say.

Question: However, I can do that only if I fear a terrible blow, great troubles.

Answer: So, let me be driven by fear. It will be the first level of true fear.

I certainly don’t want any terrible trials but the moment I switch to a higher frequency and run forward before the stick, my reality changes. It isn’t just about hastening my advancement, as it is written, “Israel sanctifies time.” Notice that the sources refer only to sanctifying time and not to “hastening time.”

When I sanctify time, I feel it differently, in the vessels that I strengthen. It is true that now I feel the exiles to their full depth, but I constantly prepare myself by the Light of Hassadim, respect the states that I go through, and enjoy them since they already illuminate flashes from the end of correction, and I already understand differently and see things differently. I was like a beaten animal before and now I am a human being who is about to undergo an operation, understanding that it is impossible to get better without it, or as it is said, by “taking preventive steps.” So, one way or the other, I will take the medicine, but the whole point is when: before or after the attack?

Humanity is constantly ill but only after many attacks does it begin to think about where it can find a remedy. It takes a long time before people agree to accept it to some extent.

In the meantime, the medicine includes both the feeling and the understanding that I must experience the illness. As a result, I begin to relate to it as to Hesed (mercy) and I “bless the evil just like the good.” Only now after having received the evil in the Light of Hassadim, am I capable of doing so.

It is just like Abraham blessed the Creator when he found out that “your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs.” Is it pleasant to hear such things? You cannot go through such things without advance preparation elevating the greatness of the goal, from where the Light of Hassadim shines on me. It illuminates precisely when I keep the greatness of the goal.

Otherwise, I will not be able to overcome the troubles. Not even Abraham, Superman, or Wonder Boy can do so since it all depends on the support from above. No one excels in it in any way. On the contrary, everyone is a rag. Everyone is a shattered desire to receive, and they all need support.

If we speak about great people, it is only because the Creator arranges them that way, from the one that we perceive as the greatest to the one we perceive as the smallest.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/29/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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