Where Does Time Elapse?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Some subcultures lead a semi-vegetative style of life. They live in huts on the coast of the Indian Ocean and stick to a “natural way of life.” For them, the speed of time is significantly slower…

Answer: It’s possible to stop sensing time by descending to an animate level. Animals instinctively feel when to eat, sleep, or multiply. It’s possible to arrange life similar to the what they have in the south of India or in Africa and live without any problems.

Question: Can a person learn how to internally control this process without moving to India: How can we accelerate or contract time, slow it down or speed it up?

Answer: I think that first of all people have to understand what they live for and acknowledge that they are given a chance to attain the next level. At this time humanity is approaching a state where we can transition from the animate level to the level of “man.”

“Man” (Adam) is a state of elevating beyond our body and attaining such a level of civilization, such a developmental stage, at which we can afford not to care about our material existence any more. Practically, there is no problem in providing everybody with everything they need. Our material desires become quite unsubstantial and are limited to satisfying our basic needs. We don’t need more than that. All our desires are still at an animate level and are limited to the viability of our body.

The rest of our desires are gradually rising to the level that we want to attain, to a different state, to a new virtual reality that is currently beyond us. Why do we exist? Where are we going? What is the meaning of life? What is the system of the upper governance…?

In other words, we want to attain the divine level (although it’s not associated with religions in any way). Going to a new level of existence, this is what contemporary humanity aspires to; this is the direction our civilization is heading. The question is whether we can do it or not. We are facing a twofold possibility; we are at a crossroads.

If we continue our development correctly, in ten, twenty, or thirty years from now we will come to a state when we will be totally covered by robotics and practically no human physical labor will be needed. Only a small percentage of Earth’s population will participate in manufacturing and technologies.

People will be replaced by robots, 3D printers, etc. No one will have to take care of themselves physically. That’s why people will be able to correctly organize their time since they will have many extra hours on their hands. Life expectancy will double; similarly, our contemporaries now live twice as long than those who were born at the time of Pushkin.

Besides, people will learn to fill their lives. Gradually, over the course of time, people will transition to the next dimension that is called “Man” (Adam). We have already reached a transitional period of our development. I think we’ll approach this state within the next several decades.

Question: At the level of Adam, does time disappear or does it only dramatically accelerate?

Answer: In essence, it’s the same thing. In any case, time either slows down until it stops, or speeds up until it disappears.
From Kab TV’s “Through the Time,” 3/18/13

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