Everything Depends On Preparation

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe worst thing regarding our physical and spiritual state is frivolity. There is nothing worse than this. Some small smirk, movement, or act of disrespect, and that’s it. Everything within me falls. It is terribly necessary to be afraid that, with this, you are liable to harm a friend, but you could harm yourself many times more.

It is necessary to always be in “serious joy” but from the heart. Even if your condition is the worst but excitement comes from the heart, this will help. In no way or manner should there be any showing off unless you are intentionally playing at this to cheer a friend. It is very necessary to maintain our level and constantly be concerned about rising further and further all the time. Don’t forget about the most important thing: preparation.

I advise those who have the opportunity to connect to the live broadcast of our morning lesson. Although I say that it makes no difference when you watch it, it is also possible to watch later, but if you can, this is the true time. There is psychological importance to this for a person. The spiritual energy that exists in the world, it is found here.

But when a person feels that right now there is no need to seize this state and fear for it to pass, meaning, he is in a relaxed state, he  gets up, pauses the computer, sips coffee, and so on; he is not glued to the screen.

Therefore, I strongly urge you, I recommend, if possible, to see part of the live broadcast of the lesson at least, and don’t miss our connection and unity on Sunday evening.

You see yourselves what the meaning of preparation is: We all are preparing for the state of the completion of correction, of full adherence of everyone together with the Light. All of our lives, all of our spiritual elevation, is called “preparation,” and therefore, it needs to precede all of our activities. Before the lesson, I need to get up at least a quarter of an hour before in order to read something. I need to do something with myself. I need to hear something on the way to the lesson.

Read Psalms or some excerpts from our literature, something not connected to anything, which gets you tuned up in the right way. A violinist or cellist tunes his instrument no matter what melody he will play later. So, we also need to tune up our “instruments,” and then, in a lesson we will play.

I can’t imagine that I would come to the lesson without tuning myself for it. It is not important for me to know what I will do with you. Believe me, I sat down now, I looked at the subject of the lesson, and started it. This makes no difference to me, but I must tune myself up before then!

Before the nighttime lesson, Rabash would take a walk in the street for half an hour. I would get up an hour and a half before the lesson even though I only needed to walk fifty meters or less. I needed to take a hot shower, cheer up, read something from his materials that wouldn’t divert my attention from the lesson but, on the contrary, would tune me up properly.

Sometimes it happens that you read some material, and after that, it is difficult for you to regroup and come. You arrive and suddenly, a completely different subject has been prepared for you. This is a responsibility, for in front of me there are tens of thousands of students sitting around the world!

This is how each one of us must feel because we are working on a common Kli, vessel. I am not tuned to anything in particular. I am tuned to that connection that you can give me at any moment, and if you cannot, then even the lesson is lacking.

Sometimes, your state, your connection, opens me up so much that the speech really flows freely and fluently, and this doesn’t depend on the number of people. Rather, this depends on the quality of the connection. Sometimes you succeed, and then wonderful material appears. Therefore, it is necessary to take all this into account and be good children.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Two” 7/13/13, Lesson 4

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