An Opportunity Is From Above, Realization Is Up To Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Messiah’s Horn”: Know that this is what it means that the children of Israel are redeemed only after the wisdom of the hidden is revealed to a great extent, as it is written in The Zohar, “With this composition, the children of Israel are redeemed from exile.”

In my assessment, we are in a generation that is standing at the very threshold of redemption if we only know how to spread the wisdom of the hidden to the masses. We are required to disclose the secret wisdom to the public. But what will be left of the mystery if we reveal it? The fact is that at this stage, we are talking to people about good interconnection based on the principle of love of the other as yourself, about unity for the sake of correction of humanity.

Through numerous incremental phenomena that add up to historical evolutionary development, our vessels, desires, are prepared for the time when there is the generation that is capable of bringing intention into its life and existing on Earth not because it was placed in this “cell,” in this “barn,” in this “kennel,” but because people want to know why and for what purpose this situation occurred and what state they are destined to achieve. We live in this generation. The crisis, despair, and other negative things of the day are the signs of the changes about which Baal HaSulam writes. The necessary conditions are already established from above, but we must finish our work from below. Only the opportunity for redemption comes from above, and the rest is up to us.

We have accepted that there is a precondition for the redemption—that all the nations of the world will acknowledge Israel’s law.

As a result, our entire receiving desire, revealed by this moment, will reach the point where we understand that it needs to be changed. And even if we are incapable of this, even though the egoistic power of “Pharaoh” dominates over us, at the same time it is clear: We have to rise above it. We understand that one day we will achieve universal correction and in advance agree with this future state and wish that it will come, although we have not yet come out from under the power of egoism.

This knowledge, this awareness, this requirement, means that Pharaoh also knows, understands, and agrees that his parts went into the altruistic intention. He is willing to sacrifice himself to let go of a part of himself so that it would be corrected and come into bestowal, having disconnected from egoistic intentions. This is deliverance.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/23/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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