“Forced Mass Drugging of US Troops an Underreported Scandal”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( from the Alex’s Jones InforWars.com): “The mass drugging of US troops is one of the most underreported scandals of the modern era, with soldiers not only being used as guinea pigs in a brave new world of pharmacological experimentation, but also having their rights stripped as a result. …

“As Mike Adams documents, the Defense Department notes that ‘20 percent of U.S. troops are on psychiatric drugs, and that they are often handed as much as a 180-day supply of those pills before being deployed.’

“‘U.S. troops are being forced to take drugs like Prozac and Seroquel for anxiety and depression. Troops cannot refuse to take the drugs without consequences from their superiors. …

“The mass drugging of US troops is another aspect of government social engineering. It is about creating yet another huge sector of society – just like children in school or foster care – whose dependence on the state is secured via the method of artificially creating a dangerous dependence on drugs.”

My Comment: That’s how, from different sides, drugs are gradually introduced into our life; their consumption becomes habitual. After all, it helps calm and even reduce the population …

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