“US To Cut Back Minimum Sentences For Some Drug Offences”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from BBC News): “The Obama administration has unveiled major changes to the criminal justice system, dropping mandatory minimum sentences in certain drug cases. Such terms will not be imposed for non-violent drug offenders with no gang or cartel ties, Attorney General Eric Holder said in a speech. …

“’The attorney general’s remarks represent a good first step toward scaling back the failed ‘war on drugs’,” Tom Engell, chairman of Marijuana Majority, said.”

My Comment: In fact, we cannot accept drugs if we want to reach the goal of creation, the revelation of the Creator. Drugs are enemies of building a better society, creating a family, raising children. In this case, we need intelligence, strength, initiative, all which are lost in an addict..

But if the government’s objective is to reduce the population so that it does not reproduce, does not live long, and is passive during its short life, then drugs are good and should be distributed. And to prevent such inhuman thoughts about the government, it is necessary at the same time to carry out a campaign against smoking …

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