Unsuitable Time, Unsuitable Place

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Could you please tell us about your first encounter with the Light and your experience of exiting from yourself. Please tell us what clarifications and thoughts you had on this day.

Answer: It happened when I was driving to a lesson with my teacher. It was in the pouring raining, a solid sheet of rain. Half way there, my car stalled.

It was two o’clock in the morning in a desolate place with no one around. Who would go out in this kind of weather? I stopped. There was nothing at all I could do. I got out of the car, opened the hood, but it made it even worse, the rain flooded the engine. As it turned out, my carburetor had cracked. Cursing myself and the entire world, I got back into the car and all of a sudden out of all this desperation I sensed the Creator.

Seriously! I am not kidding. It’s a true story. Of course, before and after that situation I experienced various sensations as all of you do. Why do I bring up this example? It’s because this kind of encounter usually happens at a totally unsuitable time and place and it looks like it’s not related to our internal condition.

We go through a process of accumulation that lasts for quite a long time depending on our inspiration, previous state, and numerous other conditions; then it transpires in us. As a rule, it happens without any external commotion. For that, we don’t have to meditate nor do we have to have any specific sensations.

When it’s supposed to happen, it will come. However, you should continue working systematically.

From the St. Petersburg Convention 7.12.13, Lesson 1

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