Complementing Each Other’s Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn our world, words like “bestowal” and “love” are utterly overused. Gradually, they will trigger correct sensations, the right aspirations and essential feelings in us, but at first they confuse us.

In fact, love is an internal mutual fulfillment. It can be presented as elements of a puzzle that have opposite forms, but when they are put next to each other they complement one another and match.

In other words, the desires of one (shown as a red minus) are fulfilled with the actions of the other (a black plus), thus they enter each other and constitute a common picture.

Complementing Each Other Desires-1

We sense the distances between them (i.e. the states of deficiency, no filling) as affliction (a big minus). And only the appropriate content from the other can fill it.

Complementing Each Other Desires-2

Basically, we exist in nature already pre-matched to each other, but we differ only in our protrusions and hollows, and now we need to make them fit each other. That’s why “love thy neighbor as thyself” is about filling the desires of the other. For that, we have to realize and sense what exactly the other one wants.

How can we figure that out? If we work together in the same direction and study the materials on one methodology, we begin understanding what exactly each of us needs. Then, we don’t even need to realize what forms exist in the others; we just start aspiring to the same forms and the rest of the work is done by the Light that descends to us from above. That’s why we should take into consideration one more component— the Light that comes to us impacts us and in the end completes our connection. The spiritual methodology makes it feasible to match and complement possibilities of one with possibilities of one’s neighbor by eliciting the Surrounding Light.

This mutual complement is called love or reciprocal bestowal; it’s when one opens his heart and the other fills it. Our common desires are called the heart.

Generally speaking, in nature everything is complete. We don’t have to change the desire, nor should we alter our positive properties. In other words, we naturally possess an opportunity to bestow and chances to receive.

The only thing we need is to match them together in the correct manner, then the Surrounding Light will help us. After we connect, we start demonstrating a mutual quality of receiving and bestowal that in fact is the Creator. As it is said, we make the Creator out of ourselves and our intentions. Thus, we create a Kli, vessel, a place, a correct desire through which this quality will be revealed.
From the St Petersburg Convention 7/12/13, Lesson 1

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