The Key To Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is said that we are a shadow of the Creator, the reflection of this force—the property of bestowal and love. That is, on the basis of those desires, of the shortcomings that are revealed in us, we can guess from the manifestation of our egoistic properties how to invert them, to change, to turn them into the opposite.

Naturally, we are not able to do this ourselves, but our intentions, our efforts attract the Surrounding Light, and it leads us forward. In this case, each of us, on one hand, is a teacher, and on the other hand, is a student relative to his friends. Let’s recall Rabbi Yossi who said that he could not leave his students because he would be nothing without them. Everything that he revealed, he revealed because he worked with them. And so is everyone else.

That is why we interact as follows. On one hand, we show others how they should work, inspire, long for bestowal and love, meaning, everyone is a teacher relative to the other. On the other hand, everyone is a student relative to the other because he puts himself lower than others and thus can receive inspiration, intention, and sensation from everyone else. Existing in this interaction, we come to equality, in the equal line.

There is no equality in nature; we are totally different and have different sets of properties. There is not a single person who is like any of the other few billion people. And when we, not paying any attention to our natural inclinations and properties, begin to act in this way: once, bowing the head before others, and  another time, on the contrary, showing how to work between ourselves, then we become equal to each other. This is the key to unity, movement towards it.

In this way, we create the condition, in which the Creator is revealed: the great unified force of nature that connects the entire nature together. This is a global, integral force that began to expand from the point of the Big Bang and that built our matter in the lowest layer of the universe, and that we must bring back to unity. And this is the human being’s mission.

In principle, a person is different from the still, vegetative, and animate nature only by its ability to evaluate the lack of unity in nature that begins to be manifested now and is the source of our universal global crisis.

A crisis means not breaking, but the birth of something new. It is its property, and this is its true meaning.
From the Convention in St. Petersburg 7/12/13, Lesson 1

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  1. Obviously a crisis means a breaking. No doubt on that. The sooner you realize it, the less walking you will need to go back to the latest safe harbor.

    Now the attitude while facing a crisis is a different matter.

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