Sweet Persuasion Burst Forward

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe problem is that a person is satisfied with what he has gained. He reaches a certain condition and feels that he has succeeded in something, understood and felt something. And then he wants to develop the same degree: to become smarter in it, to understand and feel more. He begins to expand in the same state as if “in width,” to seek out some quotes pertaining to that level which he has now achieved in his heart and mind.

He delves into this state and wants to stay in it. It’s as if he wants to remain a primary school teacher, grades 1-5, working on the same level all the time, but increasingly going deeper into the material and improving his skills. But is it good or is it still worthwhile to become a secondary school teacher, grade 6 and higher?

If he starts to rise there, then there are things that he needs to study, to understand. Then the problems start, headaches and pressure. This is how the egoistic force (Klipa) acts, which allows us to work: “Please, work in the state in which you are now. Just don’t go forward, don’t climb higher!”

In order to ascend higher, you need the upper force. Either it will awaken and pull you, or you will be attracted to the group. But it’s known that “He, who adds knowledge, adds suffering.” That is why it is so difficult to advance and the forces that restrain us are called the “shell” (Klipot). Klipa promises a sweet life and coaxes us: “Stay with me! I will cover you and you will feel warm, cozy, and calm.” And you relax, relying on these promises and you are finished.

That is the problem. If the Klipa had shown its true face, if you had seen how it stops you, not allowing you to gain attainment, huge fulfillment, then you would have fought against it. But the whole problem is that it calms you, and in a fraction of a moment catches you and sucks fulfillment out of you. And it works because of its sweetness that you feel by being a bit relaxed or dozing off in the classroom…This is standard work of Klipa.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/12/13, The Book of Zohar – Introduction

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