A Rise In The Balloon Of Mutual Connection

A Rise In The Balloon Of Mutual ConnectionQuestion: How is it possible to explain to a person, who all his life has been centered on only himself, why he should be concerned for others? What kind of pleasure will he have when he worries about someone else, and will he be healthier as a result of that?

Answer: You answered your own question: It will make him healthier. He won’t buy health in any other way. He should try!

Why shouldn’t he try to practice? Does he have anything to lose? He will only gain by his acting in as if  he has concern for others. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t believe in it. Let him play! Let’s agree to become children for a month.

Question: How is it possible to rise above the ego with the help of playing?

Answer: Under the influence of the environment. The environment needs to play, needs to show people how much it influences them. A person needs to subdue himself for the environment, to feel it as something higher than himself. He needs to constantly hear that the connection between him and his friends in his small society is the most important thing he has in his life. Together with that, they all cling to this connection as if to a balloon, which lifts them above and gives them the feeling of the upper life.
From KabTV’s “The Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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