I Exist As Long As I Am Needed

Dr. Michael LaitmanDespite studying the anatomy of the body, we still don’t quite understand the connection between all the systems in the human body. If we take the brain for example, there are “envoys” of the brain all over the body without which it wouldn’t know what to do and how. Similarly a head of state employs an array of qualified experts in order to function optimally.

We mistakenly believe that the “main processor” is in the head, but if we look deeper into that matter we will see that it doesn’t exist in our body at all. If we look closely at a person, we will see a lowly mortal, so it isn’t clear where he receives orders from and where his software is.

In fact the relevant data come from the environment, and that is what operates us. I hope that in the near future we will discover that a person’s life depends on connection and his readiness to mutually cooperate with the environment. From there the brain receives orders that result from the degree to which the society needs a certain person. And if he isn’t needed, the brain doesn’t receive anything.  In our bodies, every second cells die and are replaced with new ones. In society, while there is need for you, you are alive, and when not, the brain receives an order and different processes begin at the end of which a person leaves his corporeal role.
From a “Talk about a New Life” 10/10/12

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