Conferring With The Law Of Perfection Of The Analog System

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does it happen that, by improving ourselves, we correct the entire generation (as Baal HaSulam writes in his article, “600,000 Souls”)?

Answer: It cannot work otherwise in the integral analog system in which everybody is interwoven with one another. By correcting a part of me within the universal structure, I correct my connections with others, thus making all liaisons work one hundred percent properly.

 Conferring With The Law Of Perfection Of The Analog System
If I improve myself relative to someone else and continue working with them, it means that someone out there is also getting corrected. In other words, by self-correction, I alter the entire segment of the general structure to which I belong: the entire system of souls that are a part of my generation.

The task of the others is to improve their segments of the structure. By doing so, they happen to correct me and others relative to them. It is called “one’s generation.”

This is the way one corrects the others and, thus, discerns a complete (general) soul from one’s personal perspective. So far, it’s not an ample perfection; it is called a “personal end of correction.” A man doesn’t correct himself, but rather his connections with and inclusion in the others. Hence, he corrects himself.

Each of us senses himself as a detached entity only because of the shattering. If not for shattering, we wouldn’t exist at all. Instead, there would have been a network of connections among us. We feel alive only because the power of the shattering has created an individual self-perception within each given desire.

However, through self-correcting—by including myself into others, by revealing the links that already exist among us, and by conforming to them—I lose myself. I transition to becoming a general liaison and, thus, “shift” into others.

The particle that used to be named “I” disappears, contracts itself, and works only in conjunction with others. That’s why I begin to sense myself as if I expand throughout the entire space, meaning that I reveal the “common soul.”

I am totally incapable of receiving into one point, in me. Only by including myself in others, I acquire their vessels and desires. I figure out exactly what I can give to my neighbors, to the person next to me, the one next to him, and so on to everyone!

I discover my personal measurements of bestowal, and thus I win the entire space of the common soul. This is the only acquisition I get. The more I include myself in others, the more I gain through the mere fact of being together with them.

It’s similar to having children. You give everything to them – yourself, your sperm—and thus you multiply and continue living in your children.

My original “I” “discontinues.” It is present solely in my involvement with others. This is how I attain the common soul, all possible liaisons and contacts with others.

Each one performs this kind of work, thus getting encompassed into others. This is how one attains the general common soul, but in one’s own unique way, according to one’s individual spiritual root. Then, one receives the entire sum of other people’s desires only for the sake of serving and fulfilling them. Thus, he becomes a channel through which the Light is transmitted to others.

One receives the surrounding Light that Reforms, reveals others’ demands, and satisfies them. This is how he links with and serves others, similarly to a cell that attends to the whole organism, thus gaining the whole body.

So, by saving our souls, we recover the entire world since a part and the whole are equal. If an isolated particle is connected with the rest of the system, then the whole structure cannot achieve perfection without it since one particle is as significant as the entire system. This is what the law of perfection of the analog system is about.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/27/12, Article “600,000 Souls”

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