Aspire To Sense The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati #211 “As Though Standing Before A King”: One who is sitting at one’s home is not like one who is standing before a King. This means that faith should be that he will feel as though he is standing before the King all day long. Then his love and fear will certainly be complete. And as long as he has not achieved this kind of faith, he should not rest, “for that is our lives, and the length of our days,” and we will accept no recompense.

Our main goal is to attain the Creator as if we stand before a King, not having even the slightest feeling of rejection when we get other types of various rewards from Him: knowledge of what’s written in the books, respect, honor, and other sorts of fulfillments. On the contrary, only the revelation of the Creator grants to us the wisdom of Kabbalah alongside its true implementation.

This goal should constantly be in front of a man and nothing less than that! This is the only goal one should aspire for. Unless a person starts to sense the Creator, his ego doesn’t conform and it repeatedly confuses him thereby strengthening his ultimate goal.

“One who is sitting at one’s home” means that a man is still inside his ego and doesn’t realize what exactly is going on, but rather sees the world through the prism of his selfishness. The world he sees is adequate to his level of egoism; it’s full of downsides that replace a picture of the authentic reality around him. The moment one exits “his home,” he discovers the King and attains Him; thus, he acquires the faith that corrects him.

This is why the entire preparation period that we are currently experiencing is meant only to obtain the desire to reveal the King, the property of bestowal, to stay in this property and eventually exit our current “home.” This is the only goal we should aspire to!
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/31/12

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