Walking Along With Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt’s impossible to solve the problems of modern society in any way but by education that will teach a person to live in an integral world, will help him rebuild the connections we have lost with our children, our spouse, the boss at work, the authorities, the world, and all of nature, including the pets at home. A person must learn to establish external ties, which means that he must learn how to exit himself and start connecting with someone on the outside, even with his pet cat.

Our future depends on how we learn to establish the right connections among us so that everyone, by keeping his uniqueness, will learn to express himself in society. First we must stop blaming life and complaining about what’s happening. All the negative phenomena in society and in the family, which we witness these days, are a result of our development. We should stop, make a cut through the current situation, and study it carefully, taking into account all the statistics.

Second, we should study the history that has brought us to this situation. From this point onwards, by learning about the events that led to this point and examining the statistics on the current state, we will continue to study the future trend. We have to understand that this development will take place one way or the other, whether we like it or not. If we resist, nature will force us to follow this track. But if we aspire for this development by ourselves, we will advance quickly, easily, and pleasantly.

The natural trend of development is a general connection, worldwide integrality. So we have to learn to adapt ourselves by ourselves to all the future events that lead us to such an integral connection, in order to go through them easily and wisely. Just as we prepare children for life, we have to prepare ourselves now for the new future life. This involves every aspect of our life, the relations in the family, with our spouse, with the kids, and with the whole world. I wish you all luck!
From a “Talk About a New Life” #19, 2/02/12

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