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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What role should our American friends play in relation to the world Kli at the upcoming convention in New Jersey?

Answer: I think that of all the countries, the US can influence the world in the most efficient way. After all, we are talking about a very powerful nation that others listen to. All mass media of the world comes together in the US. The US has a great influence.

Moreover, the modern crisis is mainly revolving around it, ant the crisis continues to expand and deepen. And this is why, if we wish to affect the world, the main tool for doing it is here in the US. It is necessary to organize a strong, united American group—then we will be heard and will be able to “sweeten” the crisis so people would understand the situation that they are in and would come to correction, instead of simply tolerating new disasters.

Today, mankind looks like a stubborn child who does not want to do what he needs to do. And at the same time the parents cannot give in because his entire future depends on it. He must finish school despite his lack of desire, and this is why he experiences pressure and misfortunes until he finally passes the exams.

We have spent thousands of years developing egoistically. The growing egoism constantly increased its pressure, and we kept realizing it in feeling and mind. Our desires kept getting stronger and we advanced. However, right now a new stage is beginning: Instead of the egoistic power of reception and hatred, we must develop another power in us: the power of bestowal and love.

For us to feel the need for it, disasters can be sent to us, which are already echoing. We are naturally speaking about a lengthy process, one that does not encompass the whole world simultaneously; however, overall, the disasters are meant to bring us the knowledge that our egoism has completed its development and we should not expect new marvelous results from it.

Moreover, being a part of the world, we cannot make decisions only for ourselves. For example, when things are well somewhere, we also get a share of the Light even though we could be in a very somber state.

But no matter what, we need to understand that the process has begun and is moving forward. All our systems have been expiring and even collapsing for a long time now. Everything people have developed over thousands of years while realizing his growing egoism is beginning to fall apart. However, even though the collapse is already taking place before our eyes, we do not yet realize it and do not understand that it is possible to move down another road. This is where the problem lies: We need a science, which will explain global tendencies to us.

An instinctive development is enrooted in the still, vegetative, and animate nature. There is no choice, thought process, and conscious movement forward. But it is the opposite way with us: Unlike the rest of nature, our development was forced by a single power from one generation to another and over the course of a person’s entire life. Now we must also receive a second power beside the egoistic one, and begin to balance it in order to control our life with two “reins.”

While a single power was driving us, it encompassed our entire world. But now, when a second power is being revealed before us, we must choose between them, we must decide the right way to work with both of them. Thus, for the first time in history, we are receiving two reins in our hands, we can use “both legs” to walk, we can use both powers of Nature: the positive and the negative—to control both ourselves and Nature. This will help us rise to the degree of the Creator, and we are being impelled to do it from Above.

The positive power of bestowal, love, and unity has been influencing us for the past 50-60 years, pushing our development in this direction. We have not been noticing what has been happening, but meanwhile, since the Second World War, full intertwining of connections between countries started to form with greater intensity, and the world seems to have become “rounder,” more interconnected in all its parts. It was the war that initiated this process.

Since then, the positive power was being revealed in the world. So far it has been bringing nations and countries closer, mixing them and creating interactions between them. As a result, the world now appears to be pretty round and integral; however, people do not yet understand the situation that is taking place. This is because it was being formed automatically, mechanically, without people feeling it, instinctively, through force.

But then the modern crisis came, which essentially explains to us that we must control the world, we must make our systems correspond to the two powers, which operate on the global scale.

Still, we do not realize this. The rulers of the world, economists, financial analysts, and merchants – everyone continues to act according to the old rules. This also takes inertia into account; however, it will end, and we will still feel how serious and deep the world crisis is in the next year or two. We will have no more strength left to keep concealing it.

For now, everyone is instinctively trying to mask it and ignore the obvious: both ordinary people and governments. This situation is very dangerous and can lead to an explosion. Kabbalah also speaks about the possibility of the third, nuclear, world war.

And this is why it is very important for us to explain what is happening in the most extensive, simple, and accessible manner: in different forms, in different languages, to every person and everyone together, from one side to another, and in every direction, to give people the opportunity to perceive something and start thinking in this direction. This way we can “sweeten” the current transitional situation so everyone would understand that there is no other solution, we have entered a special historic process.

So, the US is a leading country in the world, both in positive and negative aspects. And this is why we must gain as much strength and influence over public opinion as possible here, to bring to the people the knowledge about the process that has begun.
From New Jersey, the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/10/12, Shamati 

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  1. Agreed sir, and the epicenter of the US is Dc. Pharoah lives here… As does Moses… No where else does the force have more purpose

  2. Todah Raba for this information

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