The EU’s New Plan To Exit The Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Bloomberg Businessweek): “German Chancellor Angela Merkel said European Union leaders will discuss plans to bolster economic growth in the 27-nation bloc at their June summit.

“The EU may consider strengthening the European Investment Bank as part of their plans, Merkel was cited as saying in an interview with the Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper published today. Countries can already use EU structural funds more flexibly to help small and mid-sized businesses, she said.

“Merkel rejected providing new government stimulus to foster growth, saying that policies must focus on creating jobs and improving competitiveness, according to the newspaper.”

“The amount of the guarantee will increase but significantly in the coming years. EFSF aid aims to stabilize countries and allow them to gradually return to the markets. In return, the States must meet strict conditions to the budgetary stability and competitiveness.” Source: Best Finance Blog

My Comment: No-one will be able to suggest any new financial policy and moreover the program for exiting the crisis because the cause of the crisis is not in the plane of economy or finance, but rather in human relations. The crisis of human relations (the revelation of the breaking of the souls) can be cured only by the upper Light (Ohr Makif). The program for exiting the crisis is called Kabbalah (according by the sources of Baal HaSulam, not the one selling holy water and red strings). In general, the time of the total revision has come.

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