Don’t Reject The Egoist

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do people understand that the evil inclination exists in them? Can we openly tell them about this?

Answer: No, not under any circumstances! It is forbidden to tell a person that he is egoistic, or even to say anything bad about him. What right do you have to do that? If he is normal and usual and behaves like other humans, then how is it possible to tell him that he is bad, that his ego controls him, and so forth? The opposite should be done. You need to suggest something good to him, without telling him in any way that there is something bad about him. You need to approach him as if he is special.

How do we approach a child? If you want to educate him correctly, you don’t need to put pressure on him. You need to support him, to give him security that he is capable, that he is able, that he is big and strong. In this way, you will awaken the correct forces in him for advancing forwards, and thus he will develop. If you begin to put pressure on him, you will get the opposite result in the end. Unfortunately, we don’t know how to educate children. We aren’t taught this, and thus we ruin them.

It’s also the same in relation to adults. You need to awaken the good and correct feelings in a person, to praise and elevate him. And because he is special, you show him something special in the world that can raise him even higher. Then he goes together with you! You don’t lie to him because in truth this possibility exists in each person.

Don’t reject a person with the message that he is an egoist. It is forbidden to do this! After all, we all are egoists, but if you tell an egoist that he’s that way, then he will immediately be repelled by you, whereas you must come into contact with him. Simple psychology: It is forbidden to negatively relate to a person. It doesn’t matter whom. You need to look for a good connection. That is called, “to sentence each person to a scale of merit.”
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 1

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  1. but that is the whole message of BNEI, telling people they are in egoistic states that can not bestow:

    explain then how this is justified if we never can say anyone is in the ego?

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