Where Do We Find The Key To The Gate Of Tears?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must not be ashamed of weakness, thinking that weakness can cool our desire for advancement. There is a “gate of tears” on every step, which only opens after the realization of one’s own helplessness. And how could we even have the ability? After all, advancement happens through additional power of bestowal. We do not have it; we must acquire it.

This is why I am right to discover that I have no ability to advance. And I am also right to discover that I have no desire to advance. What happens next? Just one thing: the right appeal to the Creator through the group for Him to correct the connection between us is made. And then, each time this is done, a new stage of our unity becomes revealed.

A person is unable to do anything on his own. No matter how strong he sometimes thinks he is, no matter how certain he is that he will attain everything; he will fail at everything. It is written: “Do not believe in yourself until the day you die.”

This is why having a group, which constantly awakens the person, is a necessary condition. And for this reason, when a person does not know how to advance and becomes desperate the person’s pride is usually to blame, thus he is unable to receive support from the group.

There is nothing to be ashamed of here; the person just needs to work with it. But essentially, this is the only disturbance. There is an enormous strength in the group. Like in the tale about Rabbi Yossi Ben Kisma. He was a great Kabbalist in his generation, and his students were very simple people. But he received a lot of strength from them since he knew how to work with them. And he was a great person! And this tale speaks of small people.

This is why when a person says that the Creator is not helping him, it is his pride speaking. How does it manifest? It is in his inability to cancel himself before the environment to receive the value and greatness of spirituality from it, and to then perceive the power of the Creator who helps him and the realization of the greatness of spirituality.

This is why there is no reason to cry over disturbances. It is written: “My soul shall weep in secret” in concealment, in darkness. Crying is good, but everything depends on what you are crying about: Do not cry over not having help; there is help. You need to cry over the fact that your pride is not letting you lower yourself a little before your friends, the Creator, and receive help from them.
From the Arava  Convention 2/24/12, Lesson #4

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  1. I have come to the realization of my helplessness. It is abundantly clear to me that I have no ability to reach the goal. As far as desire is concerned, I have desire to have desire, but it seems like I don’t have enough strength to reach that state called “desire.” I don’t know the right appeal to the Creator through the group. I don’t know where the group is or how to communicate with the group. I seem to be blocked from all sides and in all ways. I don’t have the strength in the world of forces or in the corporeal world to continue to survive. The Creator has truly hemmed me in on all sides and made me too weak to overcome. Death seems like the only way out, but I don’t want to discourage and weaken those connected with me with my failure. My circumstances are such that I can talk about them to no one for the sake of safety, and even if I could, no one would believe the things that I would say or be able to understand. That is true loneliness. I suppose it is the truly arrogant that have to be ground into the dust. How is it that it is my pride that doesn’t allow me any help? How can my pride be corrected in such a state? What is the group, where is the group, and how can I communicate my need for them without words?

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