Two Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person in a group should not only change himself in relation to the environment, but he should also teach others how to do it. This is the reason for the breaking. None of us has the strength to resist the egoistic intention, but when a person really realizes the need to change his intention to an altruistic one, he acquires a possibility to receive the strength from his neighbors, his friends. Suddenly this turns into a very simple principle: If you wish to unite with your friends in order to bestow to them, then you can receive the strength to change your intention from them, through this unity.

Essentially, we operate in one desire, in a single line: If I wish to bestow to my neighbor, then I can receive the strength to do it through him. But where does he get this strength? He receives it from the root, which stands behind it. This is why it is written: “I live in my people.” In other words, the Creator, the upper force, the root, which created the intention to bestow, lives in the group. He tells me: “If you treat your neighbor right in order to bestow to him, then you will find Me in your neighbor, in the exact point where your bestowal is directed. Then your intention will change, and you will really be able to realize it.”

It is written in regards to this action: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are One.” This way we begin to see complete reality. Now instead of the corporeal world before me, I see the environment. And I do not care about what is in it. What matters is that on my search for the strength to bestow that I pass through it and attain the root, the Creator who exists within my friends. I want to unite with my friends in order to bestow to them; I find the Creator inside them, who provides the strength for me to connect with them, and then I unite with Him through them.

And then the person begins to work in two lines. On one hand he sees how the Creator impels him to use his neighbor; he sees different cruel thoughts that come to him from within the group about ways to use others, profit at their expense, and receive pleasure from the group. But in response to this direct pleasure, the person restricts his intention, and on the contrary searches for an opportunity to bestow to his friends while remaining in the same line. He wishes to use himself for the good and benefit of his friends and returns to the Creator through them, thus building the ten Sefirot of the Reflected Light.

Now the person has “two sides of the coin.” By comparing them and evaluating the degree to which he can use them, he becomes ready to accept the Creator’s invitation and develop the right attitude towards Him. Two realities open up before him:

  • When I directly receive pleasure from the Creator through nature or the environment, if I am ready to continue receiving more and more of it, this kind of existence is perceived as “this world.”
  • But if I bestow as much as I can and dedicate myself to my friends and the Creator, then I reveal another, opposite existence in the Reflected Light.

This way the person acquires two worlds.
From the Arava Convention 2/23/12, Lesson #1

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