Treasure Every Drop Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanNo matter how many efforts a person puts forth and what discernments or actions he performs, he has an infinite number of possibilities to make a mistake if he doesn’t hold onto the authentic source that passes the Light onto him.

He will not even know that he is making a mistake. Regardless of his rung, he will be like “a man who is lost in the field” or “a wandering donkey in the field” (the desire to receive pleasure). One needs to have an admiration for the greatness of the source of the Light. Only with its help we can discern our state, determine the correct direction, and steer.

The Light arranges and turns all of this for us, while we don’t know what rung we are at. In the spiritual world we always advance from state to state without any understanding where we currently are. This is because we always rise from the desire to receive pleasure to the desire for bestowal. We change our intention, and therefore, we can never know what is ahead of us even the tiniest step.

This advancement is possible only through faith above reason. Only the Light can take you if you grab it and fulfill the conditions given to you. This is the essence of all our work (raising MAN, prayer) when we prepare all conditions, all our wishes and abilities, so afterward we would hand everything to the upper Light with full confidence that He will do everything.

This requires a lot of effort from us, but in the end all of this is the work of the Light and therefore it is called the work of the Creator.

This is why it is necessary to treat The Book of Zohar with respect as much as possible. Although certainly this will never be enough since a person is incapable to really appreciate this upper radiance called Zohar. However, try to value each word as if you receive from it one more portion of medicine, one more drop of infusion, which pours the elixir of life into you.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/12, Writings of Rabash, “Purim”

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