The Rescue Ladder Lowered From The Heavens

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam’s “The Last Generation” begins with a fable about a group of friends who are lost and wandering in the desert, suffering from hunger and thirst. One of them finds a settlement where the best things are and he remembers his unfortunate friends that he has been separated from. He doesn’t know where they are. What does he do? He begins to yell loudly and blow the horn. Maybe his hungry and miserable friends will hear him, and will also come to the settlement and be filled with good things.

It speaks about the special books that we found that explain the laws of nature that can teach the way to our lost generation that is wandering in the desert.

Nowadays, it is being discovered that humanity is really lost and doesn’t have any guide to lead them. There is great danger that because we have lost our way, that out of desperation we could begin terrible wars, as has already happened in the past. Thus, it is so important to understand that there exists both a book and a group of people who are able to lead humanity towards a good goal.

It is interesting that this book doesn’t contain instructions that explain how to strengthen ourselves on this path that we travel from below upward. It doesn’t give any explanation that will help us understand what we should do and what we will receive for each step we take, like an instruction manual for some kind of machine does where we don’t need to think much but just execute orders.

On the contrary, the book is written “from above to below,” from the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) to this world. It describes the upper system, and it isn’t clear what we need this for. Wouldn’t it have been preferable to write about us, about man, about Adam HaRishon and everything that happened to him? But the moment one begins to talk about him, the explanations become vague and are quickly ended.

Where are the clear instructions, where is the agreement for my broken soul: places where it fell to and where I need to search for my broken pieces? How should I collect them and assemble them back together? How should I check that I haven’t made a mistake? Why isn’t there anything written about this?

If we need to bring the world to correction, then why isn’t it possible to go towards it in a logical, deliberate way, where we examine our steps, one by one, according to the clear instructions that are uncovered before me? But instead of describing all the steps from below upward, how to execute them, and how to examine them, it is just the opposite. I am told how the upper worlds descended from above to below.

I want to know how the first man broke, where the broken pieces of my soul are located, how I can see them, collect them, connect them, glue them together, and check if I did it correctly. We have no instructions for this. We don’t know where the material is that we need to work with, meaning, where to find it and what we should do with it.

Why was it done this way? The issue is that we would like to advance in spirituality exactly like in corporeality, with the same tools. I want to examine everything, to understand everything, to read the instructions in the book and execute them. This is possible if I operate on my level and work with both feelings and intellect, with my desires and attributes.

However, if I need to rise to the next level, a completely different approach is needed. To begin with, I need to recognize the evil of my present state and the future good of the next level, meaning its properties and everything that happens in it. This is despite not understanding its good. On the contrary, I discover it is opposite from everything that I have now, against all my attributes and values.

In this way we need to prepare ourselves: to consciously scorn, the present level as compared to the greatness of the next level and to choose its properties instead of ours. We need to reach the recognition of the evil of our desire to receive to the maximum, and to appreciate the attribute of bestowal as much as possible, even though it doesn’t seem that important to me via my present Kelim (desires), in my current perception. I can appreciate it only through the Kelim of the society.

Thus, I need to yearn for the Reforming Light that arrives from the third level. I work towards my next upper level, which for me is called the Creator, and want to receive more Light from the upper level, the level above me. Since there, when Malchut (Kingdom) raises MAN (Mayin Nukvin, female waters) to Zeir Anpin (small face), then it raises it even higher, to Aba ve Ima (AVI, Father and Mother), the source of Light. And we also should work this way.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/19/12, “The Last Generation”

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