The Poor West

Dr. Michael LaitmanRecently, a new wide-ranging and profoundly deep step of egoistic development has begun. It is based on the relationships that gave rise to industry and international trade. Business owners in industrial countries began to realize that if they outsourced production to China or India, they could save a lot of money on labor costs. Gradually, they transferred their enterprises to the Third World countries, trained local workers, and started operating.

As a result, on one hand, these endeavors significantly increased profits, but on the other hand, Western countries deprived themselves of their prior “content.” Do owners of enterprises care about people who have been recently fired and became unemployed? “Let politicians worry about them; our task is to earn money.”

Consequently, governments were forced to take care of billions of people who couldn’t earn a living. Western countries started to get poorer, their indebtedness grew rapidly, and they started to print money that was not backed by real value. Previously, money was tied to gold and represented real wealth. Not any more. It so happened that flourishing Western nations grew poorer. Poverty is not yet obvious, but processes accumulate and gradually reveal themselves.

The worst thing that happened is that internationally known business people became even richer due to outsourcing to poorer countries; their level of influence upon their governments in Europe and America increased dramatically. Thus, egoistic values (money) crawled to the top of the human pyramid. Those people acquired power over everything. It resulted in the current financial and economic crisis. This is where our egos lead us.

Developed industrial countries lost their social structure, which was totally destroyed by the impoverishment of multiple layers of the society. This situation negatively impacted education and various other types of social relations.

Eventually, we arrived at a general global crisis.  Nowadays, reciprocal interconnection is imperative; “rich” countries mainly consume, whereas poor countries manufacture the goods for consumption. They became inseparably linked into one network. Everything that is produced in Third World countries has to find its buyer in industrially developed countries. But the number of potential buyers constantly decreases since people in Western countries get poorer. As a result, the world crisis spreads and deepens.
From KabTV’s: “A New Life” Episode 13, 1/11/12

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