A Buffer Between Nature And Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our efforts in uniting and dissemination create changes in the rest of the world. Does this in turn affect us? For example, if we create courses for the masses and start connecting these people, their numbers will grow. Will this have an affect on our ability to advance and unite quicker? Are these processes interconnected?

Answer: These processes are definitely connected. We received the opportunity to advance so that we will be able to lead all of humanity. From nature’s perspective there’s no need for our existence. We serve as a buffer that has to work in coordination with nature and with the rest of humanity because it can’t advance on its own.

For this reason we must be together with the seven billion people. We must try to create a method that is comprehensible to them and organize everything in a way that will be easy, pleasant, convenient, and joyful.  We have to spark their interest in following us. It should never be forced because their advancement has to be voluntary and conscious.

We have to constantly elevate their development so that they would realize the importance of moving forward. Thereby, they will advance. Essentially, our education is directed at bringing people to the realization of the necessity of personal development.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #14, 12/18/11

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