The Details Are On Me, The Connection Is On The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We know that without preparation nothing will happen. But not every action indicates that we are really preparing for an attack. So what is the preparation?

Answer: When an athlete goes to the Olympics, his achievements clearly depend on his preparation. He practices intensively for several years in order to be as fit as possible.

How is it possible to ascend to the next level if there is no ladder attached to it, if we don’t prepare the necessary conditions, if we don’t reach the understanding and the recognition, and if we don’t change the attributes and the relations among us and our tendencies?

After all, you will take on a new form in the next degree, a new mold, a new schema, a new program. You will change everything inside you and acquire a new perception of the world. In ordinary life we also go through changes that change our perspective of the world, but it is nothing compared to the gap between the spiritual degrees.

It is impossible to manage here without preparation. What is more, without it you will not be able to bear the changes, you will not be able to create a basis for them. You have to prepare the “building blocks,” and the Light will come and connect them. You arrange all the necessary parts for the next degree, but you can’t connect them by yourself. But you consciously want this connection; you see and attain that these details need to be connected in a certain way, in order to become your system of bestowal upon the Creator, so that He will be revealed inside.

Although in the meantime it is just a plan, the Light comes and fulfills it. Then, you immediately discover the Creator in this schema.

Therefore, during the preparation, you should collect all the elements of the schema and understand how they should be connected. The fulfillment is done by the Light, while the request, your prayer to Him, ripens inside you.

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