Some Advice Before The Convention

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to convene internally, so that we will be together, as one man in one heart, in one thought, so that the point of unity will be revealed among us, as one of our friends put it as “a mad feeling of love that seeped into our hearts in the Arava convention.” We should hold on to this point again.

Not only do have to hold on to it again, but we also have to feel it, to reveal it now much more than then when it was first discovered. First it is revealed simply as a point, as something in which I find myself.

Later it seems to close, and to diminish gradually by the different feelings and problems in this world. But it doesn’t go anywhere. We’ve already attained it, and it is ours.

Now we should feel this point on a totally new dimension: His power, His desire, and the source of our lives.

Then we will feel how all this operates around us. We will see the forces that are behind people, and how they operate everything: how people move, their thoughts, their desires, their bodies. We will see how everything turns and leads to one stream, to the attainment of the Creator.

We should see this for the first time, even if we won’t understand it, but we will be included in this state.

Question: What wave are you expecting?

Answer: I expect that people will come prepared, and will know what is about to happen as well as they can, that they will understand the essence of the convention, its goal, and that they will be able to quickly be included in one another.

There is no need for personal acquaintances. It is okay if I don’t know anyone. I only know that everyone has come in order to unite and to see and feel the upper level above us, the next level of the world.

Question: What should they do?

Answer: I strongly recommend that those who are behind the screen do everything that they can so that they won’t feel the screens, but rather feel themselves and us together, so that we will rise above the distance and the virtual connections that separate us, so that although we see and feel ourselves only through technical means of communication, we will feel that we have one heart and that it is on one place. It isn’t in Vilnius or anywhere else, it is above us, above all the corporeal obstacles like time, movement and distance.

We are together! I hope that we will feel it this weekend and in this single place we will feel the revelation of the Creator.

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