The Beneficial Effects Of Conventions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we talk about our impact on the world, doesn’t it show our pride?

Answer: It is not pride. If we look at scientists’ studies about the influence of thought, about the relationship between the still, vegetative, and animate worlds, they reveal such amazing patterns and connections, which previously eluded the human eye and the researchers.

And today the world has become integral in general, and that is why its integrality is manifested in particular. It turns out that plants and animals are connected to each other, feel each other and pass information to each other. Moreover, this is possible to see and explore.

The plants in one part of the forest are connected with the plants in the other part of the forest. If you cause pain to a bug sitting on a leaf, the tree on which this leaf grows feels compassion for this bug and sends it to other trees, and the bugs in the other part of the forest also feel it.

We see a huge closed picture, which today is supported by research. The world is completely interconnected.

The strongest force is the force of desire. So, when people influence nature through their goal-oriented actions, then undoubtedly, these are enormous forces. Moreover, this is also confirmed by numerous scientific studies such as occurrences of hurricanes being due to specific human impacts on nature.

But the matter is that when we—such a diverse group from different parts of the world—gather around one idea and this idea is aimed at balance with nature, not against it but towards balance, that is, supported by its general force that has a tremendous impact on the whole of nature!

Obviously, we do not feel or see this. But, in general, it is not just a contribution but a change in the entire course of history! That’s why our conventions are so beneficial!

We do not see this for now. But when we “break through” this point and begin to feel the general field we are within, (we are in the middle of this field and the most central part of the whole system), then we will see how important every movement of our soul is.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of the Integral Society” 3/18/12

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  1. Is this question also relating to the essence of power that is corrupt when influencing. And, does talking about the impact on the world not being prideful also mean, it isn’t prideful in the “corrupt” sense if the intention is to do good for the world or to give to it? Impact for the sake of having power or impact for the sake of giving because giving is powerful.

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