A Meeting In The Neutral Zone

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is the state in which I lose a sense of my “I” and even our “We, given to a person as an example: “Look, what you can feel!”?

Answer: No, this feeling is not given to us from Above as an example. This is already what we cultivate and build from inside and stimulate from below. We develop this every day in all our actions, from lesson to lesson, from meeting of friends to meeting of friends. All this grows from below, and this is already our common achievement!

That is why I think that the preparation, which we carry out now, especially in the last three days before the convention and during the convention itself, should gather us on a global scale.

If all the previous conventions starting with the first one at the beginning of December and finishing with the last one that took place three weeks ago in Israel, then now it is very significant that we go out into the world. We go somewhere far to the North of Europe, to Vilnius, a rather strange place to organize this kind of convention. It is neither Moscow nor Vienna. It seems not such a central point, but it is very important for us. But, in principle, why not somewhere else, where life is even more intense?

It is very significant. It is very good. I think that our meeting, the convention in this neutral zone, will have a different character, a different tone.

Comment: Indeed, Europe is a serious place, and if something starts, it starts from there. We know from history that WWI and WWII began in Europe.

Answer: Today we see that huge changes are taking place in Europe. However, in spite of everything, Europe started to move towards greater unification, rather than separation. I was very concerned that they would play at protectionism and eventually break up.

But they evaluated their options well and saw that it would cost them much more than any other action. Naturally, it was based on purely economic considerations. But it is good that there is evidence that integrality is more profitable than separation. Everything is moving towards it, although in a special way, characteristic of them.

There is no doubt that this is the result of our activity.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of an Integral Society” 3/18/12

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