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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe correction that we are supposed to build above the animate level in order to reach the speaking level originates not only from our bodies but also from the human being within us.  However, we still implement the correction process through our bodies, since the body is a “tool” of correction. We relate to each other (both negatively and positively) through speech, thoughts and actions. The necessity to bestow leads us to the attainment of mutual love; it is a process that we all have to go through by all means.

Speech stands for self-persuasion. It can be referred to as inner dialog since a person constantly talks with himself; it can also mean “practical” (outgoing) speech that addresses others and conveys ideas on how and in what direction we should all change.

Thoughts go before speech and actions. First, we have to formulate a thought that stems from our inner calculations, which we obtain from within ourselves as well as from our surroundings, society, and teachers. So, thoughts should be built before anything else; then they have to be transformed into speech. Any kind of oral expression will always remain only “beautiful words” until we enable them with “force” by applying actions.

Actions mean the devoting of every single hour that is not spent satisfying our animate needs to integral education and upbringing, dissemination, and work for the sake of others. Our task is to lead people to at least a decent standard of life, have them live above the poverty line, arrange for just distribution, and make everybody feel that they are not deprived of their rights.

Thus, our thoughts and speech should be aimed towards building a new balanced society in which everyone will live on an integral level and stay within the analog system. As we build ourselves, we allow our thoughts to be influenced by our surroundings; we constantly submit ourselves to a stronger integral environment. After formulating internal thoughts, we implement them though speech, meaning we shape our concepts and informational systems. This is the point when actions come forward. It’s the time when we basically influence others through education, upbringing, and elevating worldwide living standards so that nobody suffers from hunger and affliction.

This is the essence of our work. This is how we approach balance with nature, which is the goal upon which we constantly focus. The equilibrium between us allows us to come to a state of overall balance with all of nature and with its universal laws. As a result, we create a “complete,” perfect system.

Here, our evolution stops: Our development started at the time when life emerged on the face of Earth and at this point it reaches its final equilibrium. It doesn’t mean that everything will be over and the sun will stop shining.  It’s not that we cannot wait several billion more years before it happens. We are talking about the end of correction of a human being: If we achieve balance with nature and reach perfect harmony, we won’t experience any pressure from nature any more, and our lives will become perfect.

Let’s hope that we’ll closely approach such a state within our sensations and that we will and by all means be able to prepare our children and grandchildren to attain this state. It’s within our power to do so.
From Kab TV’s “A New Life” Episode 11, 1/9/12 

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