A Mixed Genre Artist

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When starting to teach an integral training course, do I need to keep the image of a scientist or someone else? Or does it depend on an individual?

Answer: You have to be like a mixed genre artist, like an actor who transforms into thousands of different characters. In other words, I can simultaneously joke and touch everyone to tears as I draw examples from science, technology, art, culture, and music. And everyone experiences this together over the hours of our communication.

We “cook” so much together in our common feelings, thoughts, and emotions, ascents and descents, that at the end we turn into a “salad,” and we live it. Every person feels that he begins to sense everyone else against his will and that thoughts and feelings are simply shared: Everyone understands everything.

Comment: The atmosphere in modern schools and universities is such that people are very dry. They choose a style and are unable to go beyond it.

Answer: I also often use this, depending on what I am speaking about. If I want to for the material that I am teaching to be perceived as education instead of upbringing, something like physics of the new world, a new society, then at first I emphasize evolution, successive development of events, and history, using all the scientific data at my disposal. This is the only way for me to make my listeners respect and trust the facts I am giving them. Surely, in this case I behave as a scientist, an authority.

On the other hand, when I begin to speak with them about certain spiritual specifics, I either act as a psychologist or a sympathizer. We constantly switch roles.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #11, 12/16/11

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