Let The Convention Fill Us With The Breath Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What success do you anticipate from the convention?

Answer: I expect us to feel the first form of man, clothing us, that is, the Creator revealed in our unity. But let it be a clear revelation, not something vague, when everyone felt just the beginning of a new state as it was felt at the convention in the desert and even before it.

This must be realized practically so that we feel the movement inside, the spirit dwelling in us, and the changing actions of the Light.

If the Light does not move, we do not feel it, and we do not have the breath of life. There has to be Ruach (spirit, wind) or changes, but not the degree of Nefesh that remains motionless. What we felt before was the first still degree. And now we need Ruach, the small changes within that give us a feeling of life.

After all, we, the created beings, feel only changes from a state to a state, and through this contrast we check and understand each property. Our perception works on the basis of contrast, it needs movement so that one is different from the other. Hence, let us hope that we will feel the breath of life. The creature is born from it, but not from Nefesh.

Nefesh is like a drop of semen, which came from the father. But when it begins to grow, it acquires its own existence. If there is a new movement in it, beside that initial drop of semen, it is already a new life, a new body. It belongs to the fetus, not to the father. These are the tangible changes that we are waiting to happen in us—only they are felt like life.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/2012, “Introduction to TES

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