A Flame Of Love Over Stormy Europe

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur only goal is to discover the upper Light, the only force that rules the world. After all, everything else is only the means. Besides this, there is no problem in our existence because every given moment and every situation in our life is defined by our contradiction to the Light. And so we should relate to everything as the means to discover the Light.

Some states are more efficient and some are less. In any case, everything depends on whether I can accept the Light correctly and use it.

Now we are facing a special state: connection above many obstacles and differences between the parts of our collective spiritual vessel. This was made possible as a result of many great efforts and the hard work of our European division, as well as of our friends from these countries, who have gathered together.

No state in the world is more tense, where as a result of the crisis and everything that is going on these days, the discrepancies and differences between the components of the collective vessel are so great and the internal states of each part are so intense. But at the same time, we have made many efforts in preparing for this convention, where representatives of nations and countries that are so different and have so many internal conflicts and different accounts with one another gather to connect.

There is actually “Mt. Sinai” here—a mountain of mutual hate, distance, lack of understanding, and the inability to accept one another. After all, every one is a representative of a separate part that acts against another. And we want to connect above all that. We have a special opportunity that doesn’t exist anywhere else, not in any other event. Nowhere is there such tension like in the collective vessel that will gather at the European convention.

Therefore, we should pay special attention to that. From all these differences, we should constantly feel that we connect above them and want to reveal the inner hatred, the inner breach among us, and contradictions. They all remain, and we understand, feel, and don’t blur them. They are turbulent inside like a boiling stew on the stove. We cover it with a lid and don’t let it explode or get cold. On the contrary, we constantly want to keep this fire burning so that it will turn into a flame of love.

This is one of the feelings we should have in the coming European convention. Although compared to the size of the convention in Israel there will be perhaps 20% of the capacity of the collective vessel, looking at the quality, which in spirituality determines the power of the vessel, it will be stronger and greater than everything we had in the past. Both the distance and the events taking place in the continent make this a very special situation.

Therefore, we really hope that as a result of our efforts, above all the differences, the lack of understanding and the distance, we will be able to connect. We now have the opportunity to rise above all the differences, “to lock” ourselves above them, and then according to the differences between the peoples and the cultures—and between us who are connected to one another—we will feel the power of the vessel, in which there will be enough room to discover the Light.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/2012, The Zohar

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