If He Beats Me, He Loves Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I feel that I’m able to hold on to the thought that everything comes from the Creator. What I can’t understand is how to accept with love the disturbances that cause me pain? I can understand that they’re good for me with my mind. But how can I add love to this? Where is this love?

Answer: You’re not completing the action, which is why you don’t feel love. You understand that the disturbances probably come from the Creator, and that, evidently, this is good. You know that you can’t escape the disturbance, so you accept it. You don’t finish it off with love. You don’t process this disturbance together with the group and invert it, thereby perceiving the disturbance as an expression of love.

It’s like when parents punish a child, he needs to understand that they’re doing it out of love for him. They’re not punishing him, but his ego. What’s more, they want to raise the child above his ego. When he divides himself in two, “this is my ego and this is me,” and realizes that disturbances arise in opposition to the ego, then his “I” draws closer to the Creator and feels love.

Imagine that you’re a clever child who understands: “My parents need to punish me to prevent me from misbehaving. They’re not punishing me, but simply giving me an opportunity to overcome my ego.”

Comment: When I was a child I had no idea that someone was relating to me with love. All I saw was punishment.

Answer: Then get smarter! You need to grow up, after all!

You need to reach a state when you perceive the greatest problems and hardships as tremendous kindness and love. I’m being very serious. Everything depends only on your perception! We exist in a field of infinitely good Light. Nothing exists in the whole world but this. Only infinite love and infinite goodness! But our perception is flawed, and as a result we feel the opposite sensation. If you reconstruct yourself and grow your understanding, instead of hatred you will feel love, instead of evil, goodness, and instead of suffering, delight.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 3

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