How To “Weave” A Created Being

Dr. Michael LaitmanEven in order to exist in corporeality we need the Light: a slight illumination (Kista de Huyuta), the smallest spark of the Light that broke through from spirituality as a result of the Big Bang and created all the matter in our world, which is actually imaginary and exists only in our perception. But that was only the beginning, and the rest of our evolution is in building the real matter, meaning the desire. The matter that we see in front of us is ephemeral and nonexistent. Physicists have also discovered lately that the matter of this world does not exist, that it’s not particles, but the energetic field of forces, which appears like moving particles to them.

In order to discover the real matter, the great desire to receive in all its different fashions, we need the Light that created, made, begot, all these forms of matter in four phases of HaVaYaH (YodKeyVavKey), or in the worlds of Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya, which stem from the world of Adam Kadmon. This is called “the lower half of Keter,” while the world of Infinity is “the upper half of Keter.”

We begin to advance in spirituality if we receive the Light from Above that develops matter. In order to hasten the development of our matter, the desire to receive, we were given the wisdom of Kabbalah that can help us consciously perform different actions, instead of waiting for many stages of our development to go by, and only afterwards to begin to understand what’s going on. Even then we’ll not understand it until the end. Does a person at the end of his life understand much of all he has been through? After all, he doesn’t understand the reasons for different events, the connection between them, or the depth of creation. Nothing is revealed to him, and his life just passes by.

We, however, can advance in life by putting ourselves in motion by ourselves, when we understand what’s happening to us so well that we can check and change ourselves and put together the parts of this creation. Then we’ll be able to see and to study how by putting things together in different ways we can get different results and by that learn. We acquire the upper spiritual knowledge in the mind (Daat) of our Partzuf, which is gradually revealed to us. This is called “the Light of Hassadim in the illumination of Hochma.” Thus, from the bottom up, we begin to attain it and by that become real scientists who compose creation of all these particles.

Where can we get the mind, the feeling, the discernments, and the intentions for how to carry this out? From the simple upper Light that descends upon us. Then we’ll begin to develop. We don’t know what we lack, in which directions our mind and feelings should expand, and in what way our brain and heart should cooperate in order to “weave” the right vessel for us.

Let’s hope that by reading The Zohar we’ll be able to draw this general Light, and it will prepare the understanding and the feeling for us, by which we’ll eventually be able to participate in the creation of the vessels. It says that “the Creator creates the worlds and destroys them, and the righteous correct these worlds,” working with Him like partners.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/11/2012, The Zohar

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