How To Manage The Integral World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you envision a world government that rules humankind in all spheres of its activities including manufacturing and distribution processes to make them rational and accurate when even on a scale of one country it is impossible to achieve stability and order?

Answer: It’s impossible if we use the customary approach. I heard Lenin was shocked when he realized what kind of bureaucracy he had to launch in order to control vital societal systems. There is no computer that can cope with this kind of task. How can we achieve integrity, reach mutual guarantee, and ensure that no extra goods are being manufactured and that everything that is being produced stays in complete balance with Nature?

It can only be attained by transitioning to a new stage, by obtaining the sensation of unity (a collective mind, “matrix”). Our efforts to connect with each other initiate Ohr Makif (surrounding Light), and thus lead us to revelation of an absolute connection among us (a vessel – the Kli of the soul.) It doesn’t stand for “We” since “We” is a plain sum of each of us; “Akolel” is a Higher Force (the Creator) that reveals Itself through the sum of us.

Since everybody is included in unity, into mutual guarantee and inclusion (Arvut), each one immediately senses the same things as others; therefore, the division into “I” and “others” disappears. What’s left is “one whole” (in Gematria it’s called “Akolel,” +1, i.e., commonality.)

Thanks to our sensation of this force, we will be enabled to perfectly and optimally inter-communicate with ease, love, and without making mistakes. It is said: “The One who makes peace in the Heavens will bring it upon us.”  (The word “Shalom”  is derived from the word “Shlemut” – perfection and “Ashlamah” – addition.)

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