With Open Eyes And Open Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I do not recall a similar rate of holding conventions. What is so special that is now happening in the world and is influencing the events?

Answer: The world is accelerating a lot. Our state is changing very fast. We have come to a critical barrier. Even if a part of us were to cross it, everyone else would gradually begin to squeeze through this barrier following the thread of our connection. So it is very important for us to do it.

Essentially, we need to have yearly conventions on every continent. And the convention we are now having in the desert is just our personal trip. We are not doing this for all, but our group needs a shake-up, and you with us. But there is no need to come here from overseas for this.

Conventions are an opportunity for everyone to meet, see each other, to communicate. They are necessary.

People need to be shaken up; they need to unite. I hope that at the upcoming conventions all of us will gather ourselves internally, achieve the common point of our unity, adhesion, unity. And the contact with the Creator that we will discover there will clearly guide us forward with open eyes and open hearts.
From the talk “To Acquire a Desire to Give” 1/29/12

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