The Science Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the basis for your claim that psychology is close to Kabbalah?

Answer: It all depends not on the issue itself but on how we understand it. Our understanding changes with time. Today, for example, we live in a time of great changes, especially changes in our perception of the world and accordingly our attitude toward the world.

For centuries Kabbalah was considered mysticism and Kabbalists were considered mystics; witchcraft and fortune telling were attributed to them. (See Wikipedia about Rav Kaduri and others). However, time changes our perception and Kabbalah is gradually being perceived as the science of the world, the upper psychology of man.

Psychology also had to defend itself for many years against accusations of mysticism. It had to prove its materialism, and subject to fears of accusations of being connected to religions, reincarnations etc.

Lately, however, the world is in such a state of confusion that it is possible to change perceptions and renew perspectives: Kabbalah isn’t just mysticism any more and psychology permits itself to speak about things that are beyond this world. The concept “materialism” has broken through its fixed boundaries. Psychology has become a materialistic science, despite the fact that its name “psyche” means “soul” in Greek.

In fact, it is in the reports, research, and discussions of modern physicists that I see more and more mysticism! In the future all sciences will merge and become one. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the science of all of creation, or rather, the science of the Creator. After all, there cannot be so many fields of study about one world!

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