Look Ahead, Don’t Be Stuck In The Present

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe need to understand that there is a good and wonderful development there for us. We receive additional wisdom to counterbalance our destructive egoism, and these two forces in us are able to help our advancement. Here we acquire an opportunity to understand where our freedom of choice is. It’s exactly in the middle of these two forces.

On one hand we have an “ugly” force, while on the other, a good and reasonable force intended to help us. After all, we as people really value and respect wisdom. Thus, we can find the true path between the ugly nature and the wise mind, a path that is both good for us and for the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, ecology. The result is we will be in harmony with all the forms of life, with Nature.

This means that all the suffering we experience is essentially an invitation to use our free choice and the two forces at our disposal in the correct and balanced manner. The power of the mind allows us to take charge of our egoism and control it the right way. It must not be destroyed, unlike different techniques and beliefs tend to do. We must understand that there is no evil in Nature. The only time the negative force turns to evil is when we don’t use the positive force, thereby necessitating our need to learn to apply it.

One must not judge the outcome by its current stage. It is written, “Do not show a fool half the work.” In other words, there’s nothing to lament in the middle of the journey because in that way we are fools. On the contrary, we must view the current picture according to how much it’s directed toward the goal and we need to understand that every stage of the journey is necessary for attaining this wonderful goal. It shines at us from afar, and we come closer to it by continuing to correct our life. There really is a good future there for us.

And this is why one must not treat nature, oneself, and others badly. One must not have unjustified demands and complaints, or criticize, despise, or hate without a reason. We must understand that all of us are going through the stages of this process and must help each other like people who are lost in the desert and need each other’s help to come out of it. Mutual correction and mutual help is what will bring us to the wonderful goal.

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