Predictions For 2012

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Gerald Celente, Trends Research International):

“1. Economic Martial Law: Given the current economic and geopolitical conditions, the central banks and world governments already have plans in place to declare economic martial law … with the possibility of military martial law to follow.

2. Battlefield America: With a stroke of the Presidential pen, language was removed from an earlier version of the National Defense Authorization Act, granting the President authority to act as judge, jury and executioner.

3. Invasion of the Occupy: … protests will hit Wall Street in the early years of the new millennium and will spread nationwide.

4. Climax Time: The financial house of cards is collapsing…

5. Technocrat Takeover: “Democracy is Dead; Long Live the Technocrat!”

6. Repatriate! Repatriate!: It took a small, but financially and politically powerful group to sell the world on globalization, and it will take a large, committed and coordinated citizens’ movement to “un-sell” it.

7. Secession Obsession: Winds of political change are blowing from Tunisia to Russia and everywhere in between…

8. Safe Havens: As the signs of imminent economic and social collapse become more pronounced, legions of New Millennium survivalists are, or will be, thinking about looking for methods and ways to escape the resulting turmoil. Those ‘on-trend’ have already taken measure to implement … 3 G’s: Gold, Guns and a Getaway plan. Where to go? What to do?..

9. Big Brother Internet: The coming year will be the beginning of the end of Internet Freedom: A battle between the governments and the people.

10. Direct vs. Faux Democracy: The only viable solution is to take the vote out of the hands of party politicians and institute Direct Democracy.

11. Alternative Energy 2012: Even under the cloud of Fukushima, the harnessing of nuclear power is being reinvigorated by a fuel that is significantly safer than uranium and by the introduction of small, modular, portable reactors that reduce costs and construction time. In addition, there are dozens of projects underway that explore the possibility of creating cleaner, competitively priced liquid fuels distilled from natural sources. Plan to start saying goodbye to conventional liquid fuels!”

My Comment: May all this happen, but only peacefully and in a good way.

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America’s Waning Influence

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Rosa Brooks, professor of law at the Georgetown University Law Center):  “American influence is waning for two reasons, the first of which should potentially be a source of comfort, not despair. While we continue to have the world’s most formidable military, America’s power in the world is declining simply because once-weak states are growing stronger. Europe, despite its current woes, is an economic and diplomatic force to be reckoned with. China, India and Brazil are emerging as regional powerhouses with increasingly global reach.

“By many measures, we’ve hollowed out the American dream: American life expectancy ranks well below that of other industrialized democracies, and the same is true for infant mortality rates and elementary school enrollment rates. We have the highest documented per capita incarceration rate in the world. And as the Occupy Wall Street movement has helped point out, we have greater income inequality in this country than in any other state in the developed world — and most states in the developing world.

“If we don’t stop lying to ourselves, the decline will be both irreversible and steep.”

My Comment: The one who will implement the method of integral education of his population first will influence the world because he will gain the freedom to act, the power to realize, and success and good luck will accompany him. As Baal HaSulam writes in his article “Concealment and Disclosure of the Face of the Creator,” he who is in similarity (in equilibrium) to the force of Nature (the Creator) is bound to be constantly successful in everything.

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What Nature Holds In Store For Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Globalization 101): “The number of old people (over 60) is expected to grow from 600 million in 2000 to two billion in 2050. Eighty percent of this population will be living in developing countries. The number of ‘older old’ people (over 80) will be unprecedented in the developed world.

“While these stats are not new, the issue of global aging has been brought to the forefront because of the financial crisis. Cities across the U.S. are realizing that for some, within five years, retiree health care will cost more than employee healthcare and will consume nearly 1/3 of the cities’ budgets. Some US states want to declare bankruptcy to alleviate debt, including pensions. Europe’s rapidly aging populations may be the seed of a new financial crisis.”

My Comment: Crises will not recede until we assume the correct social form: a society of equal members, of reasonable economic consumption, consciously integral and globally interconnected, as required by nature.

Crises are a demonstration of our imbalance with global nature, and until we reach balance, we will not be able to avoid them; moreover, they will accelerate and become more severe to the extent of our development. We must stop being stubborn and face the truth—to understand the nature of crisis and the only method to overcome it.

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A Praiseworthy Flexibility

In the News: Shalom Toronto, the largest Canadian Israeli-Jewish online weekly newspaper, published a long article about the benefits of Kabbalah and The Zohar with the approval of the leading Orthodox authorities of Canada. Most notably, the photograph of Baal HaSulam is in the heart of the article about The Book of Zohar, which until recently was unacceptable in an Orthodox environment. Oddly enough, Orthodox Judaism is often more flexible in their views and changes than the secular masses.

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Playing Is Serious Business

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are women able to pretend amongst them and should they do so, like the men in the group?

Answer: Yes, women should also pretend amongst them. They should unite in order “to pressure” the men despite their ego. For that purpose they have to pretend.

We all have to pretend because we’re all in the egoistic desire, and emerging from it means playing altruism, bestowal and love, and the universal bond.

These attempts summon the upper Light’s influence upon us. Hence, our whole life is truly a game. This is serious business.
From the Lecture on Unity Day “To Acquire a Desire to Give” 1/29/2012

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Revive The Broken Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean that the Creator loves man who breaks his heart in order to reach the “palace” of the King? Who breaks my heart and why? What does a person do at that time?

Answer: Of course, we are not talking about the heart as an “engine” working like a pump. The heart is our egoistic desire. All the egoistic desires are called the “heart.”

To “break” the heart means to attain that same point in which we were once as a single, unified picture of Malchut and then shattered into numerous parts. My feeling of detachment from all the others is called my “broken heart.”

That is the state we should attain. From then onward, a person begins his correction. How? The Creator is called “the healer of the broken hearted.” The Creator is the Light, the attribute of bestowal, uniting our hearts together, and they return to life. He revives them, and then these hearts become one vessel, one desire.
From the Lecture on Unity Day “To Acquire a Desire to Give” 1/29/2012

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Sailing On The “Unity” Boat

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What are we doing wrong if we can’t attain what we desire?

Answer: You have everything you need. You only have to aim yourselves correctly using different tricks and every possible means that will help you imagine the connection between us as a vessel in which we receive the filling.

Look at your life and imagine that everything that you want is attained, not thanks to the money in your pocket, but thanks to the connection. You should feel that all the means for attaining the fulfillment are in the connection: the fork you eat with is the connection, the glass you drink from is the connection, and so on. Otherwise, without our connection, you will get nothing. You need it in order to breathe, in order to live! Life is only possible through our connection; it is the vessel for the filling.

Here the key is mutual guarantee. A minute from now you will forget what I’ve said if everyone doesn’t think about it and worry that others won’t forget. We will be able to eat only if we feed one another.

This is the whole problem you feel about your desire. You really want to, and you are not the only one! Everyone wants this, but the point is that everyone thinks about himself, without thinking about connection. Thinking about connection means to worry about the success of others.

It isn’t like the connection in the mafia where people connect for a collective profit. A Kabbalistic group is not a group of criminals. It is a union for the revelation of the Creator, the attribute of bestowal. Therefore, in this group everyone worries only about others and not about himself. Only thanks to this do we build our “boat.” Its sides are created by my concern for others. The moment I stop worrying about others I drill a hole in the boat.

We forget that, and it is all called mutual guarantee. Let’s hope that we manage to clarify this concept and actually attain it. If we attain it even to some extent, we will already move on to bestowal.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/9/2011, TES

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A Necessity Arising From The Essence Of Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have an enormous work to do with explaining to the masses and preparing educators out of majority of the population. The people who are walking out into the streets today who have nothing to do or occupy themselves with still need to be provided for somehow. Otherwise they, hungry, will tear you apart. In any case, a need arises for a certain support. Yet, even if you offer them some kind of financial aid, you will create an army disposed against you.

So why don’t we proceed differently instead? Let’s use virtual networks, television, mass media, and various clubs to add to this everything that we’ve been talking about. Why not make integral upbringing mandatory so that after a few months people will begin to understand the kind of world they are living in?

Who should I protest against? This is an objective law of nature.

Are jobs disappearing? Well, they weren’t needed in the first place; we simply manufactured unnecessary goods.

We pumped all of the earth’s resources out of it, we polluted its surface, produced unnecessary toys, and then discarded them, poisoning the environment. Just look at what is happening with all the rivers—it’s impossible to drink the water. Look at what’s happening with the earth, at the amount of pesticides and chemicals in it.

Should we continue on like this? What for? We can reduce all this down to reasonable limits and instead give a person an occupation, the kind that nature has prepared for him.

We weren’t like this before, we didn’t manufacture large quantities of unnecessary things. The last, 20th century made us this way only so that we would realize the evil of our egoism and where it’s driving us towards. Right now we simply need to realize that we can’t continue like this any more, we are in a state of crisis.

Therefore the necessity, the demand, for integral education is starting to emerge from within, from the very essence of our development.

Comment: You are saying that we need to give up excesses, work less, and spend more time on upbringing….

Answer: This will happen automatically.
From a “Talk About Integral Education” #8, 12/14/11

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A Heterogeneous Pyramid

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose a person agrees with the integral methodology of his or her personal correction, where can they receive guarantee and proof that everything else will be corrected too?

Answer: There are people who can understand the necessity of such  a society:

  • There are people who arrive at this through suffering as they see that suffering isn’t leading towards anything good;
  • There are those who study nature and see from practice, from what they attain through natural sciences, that evidently this is the ultimate goal of nature.

There are different people, so accordingly, all of humanity is divided into a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid are those who simply understand, feel, and sense an inner need for it. These people are created this way. They can be called idealists—they are this way by nature, they’re ready for it.

There are people who arrive at this from a scientific point of view. They agree with it as with a real necessity given to us by nature in which we exist and of which we are a result.

There are those who can foresee the result in advance. Although they don’t like it or see anything attractive in it, they understand that otherwise we’ll be driven towards it through suffering, what’s referred to as “being pushed to happiness.”

And then there are simply people who suffer greatly in our world. There is an enormous number of them. They fight for their existence and live on the level of an ordinary, one may even say animal, life. They don’t have anything other than work and worries, and they keep hauling their life in this manner. It’s sufficient to simply explain to them how to gradually arrange it so they can transfer all of their concerns about themselves onto society, taking upon themselves the care for the integral society.

One can understand in practice that when humanity eliminates excessive abundance and arrives to this common denominator, tremendous forces are awakened naturally. And we can really come to harmony, but only under the influence of the environment.

We see with an example of Europe how a large number of Europeans—scientists, political scientists, sociologists, and psychologists—begin to realize that breaking the integrality is very difficult; that it’s equivalent to going against a pre-set process, set both by nature and at this point, by them themselves. It’s very difficult for them to part with their money, like, say, it’s hard for the Germans to give 500 billion dollars or Euros to Greeks. Yet they see that otherwise it’ll end up costing more. To get your money back is not the same as simply printing it! Here we’re starting to invoke upon ourselves an enormous amount of negative forces. Protectionism is simply dangerous.

When we begin to see the inexorability of this process and gradually explain it to people, it’s impossible to disagree with it—life will oblige us to agree.

We don’t think that we should rage forward and intensively elucidate the essence of the process on every street corner and square. We need to introduce the gradual education and upbringing of a person, objectively explain what events are ahead of us, what frameworks, matrices, templates, we need to enter, starting with the current state and ending with the one we need to reach.

To gradually prepare the public opinion towards this means to significantly soften the entire path that we need to go through. After all, we will go through it either coercively, by evolutionary forces that will severely press us to the point of extinction, the way it was with the dinosaurs, or we can convert all of it into a pleasant, consciously realized transformation of a person from the animate level to that of “Adam” or “Man.”
From a “Talk About Integral Education” #8, 12/14/11

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Pharaoh’s Matter In The Creator’s Form

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator sets us a condition: “I want you to enjoy that which is completely contrary and hateful to you, that which goes against your nature. And I specifically want you to derive pleasure from the opposite and contrary state and wish to exist in it, hence preferring it to all the pleasures you can now feel in your present state.

I will reveal them to you slightly so you will be able to gradually annihilate yourself, your present state, building a new, opposite state in its place. And you need to do that not for the pleasures which are the basis of your life now, but in order for you to ascend to My height and appreciate My greatness due to that.”

The Creator says: “I myself do not need either your respect or the transformation of your nature to bestowal, and it makes no difference whether you want it or not. Rather, it is all in order to enable you to feel both of these forces determined by Me in creation between which you can exist: the force of bestowal and the force of receiving. By preferring the former to the latter, you acquire them both.

“You don’t destroy anything, but use both of them so that love will cover all sins. You need both forces since they don’t exist without each other. For indeed you are the created being and can only have the Creator’s form. However, within this form, there is matter contrary to Me. And then you can exist and become equal to Me.”

Hence, all our work is directed to acquiring both these elements: the matter of Pharaoh and the form of the Creator. That is because all our perception of reality, awareness of the world, consists of matter and form upon which our education is based. We build ourselves from both elements: the right and the left lines.

The left line is the matter, and the right line is His form. When we combine the matter and the form, we build the middle line, an image of man.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/6/2012, Writings of Rabash

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