Pharaoh’s Matter In The Creator’s Form

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator sets us a condition: “I want you to enjoy that which is completely contrary and hateful to you, that which goes against your nature. And I specifically want you to derive pleasure from the opposite and contrary state and wish to exist in it, hence preferring it to all the pleasures you can now feel in your present state.

I will reveal them to you slightly so you will be able to gradually annihilate yourself, your present state, building a new, opposite state in its place. And you need to do that not for the pleasures which are the basis of your life now, but in order for you to ascend to My height and appreciate My greatness due to that.”

The Creator says: “I myself do not need either your respect or the transformation of your nature to bestowal, and it makes no difference whether you want it or not. Rather, it is all in order to enable you to feel both of these forces determined by Me in creation between which you can exist: the force of bestowal and the force of receiving. By preferring the former to the latter, you acquire them both.

“You don’t destroy anything, but use both of them so that love will cover all sins. You need both forces since they don’t exist without each other. For indeed you are the created being and can only have the Creator’s form. However, within this form, there is matter contrary to Me. And then you can exist and become equal to Me.”

Hence, all our work is directed to acquiring both these elements: the matter of Pharaoh and the form of the Creator. That is because all our perception of reality, awareness of the world, consists of matter and form upon which our education is based. We build ourselves from both elements: the right and the left lines.

The left line is the matter, and the right line is His form. When we combine the matter and the form, we build the middle line, an image of man.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/6/2012, Writings of Rabash

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